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  1. I have to say that the geography on this map is excellent. It has been so painstakingly done. One of the best I've seen so far, 10/10!!! Thanks
  2. Here's a couple of preview screens. They are dark because the scenario starts at dawn and gradually gets lighter as the morning progresses. Would appreciate feedback as I feel it may be too easy.
  3. In relation to scale, one thing I did was use google maps. I staked out an area 1400 x 700 metres and captured it, then I set the map editor to the same measurement and it framed it just right. The map editor with the transpancy feature is really intuitive, you can do it by eye.. In the picture you can see a work in progress of a close combat map.
  4. The map is my first using the new 2.0 editor overlay tool. It's based on a google map near GrandCamp - Maisy in Normandy.
  5. I admire the map design. Very well done. I managed a victory first time but at great cost. I was cautious from the start but ended the game with only 2 tanks left and a few ragged ad-hoc squads of infantry. WARNING SPOILER!!! In the first version of your map I caught the Stug in a crossfire between my last 2 remaining tanks. They must have fired at least 3 shells each into his side armour until eventually the crew bailed out and were mercilessly mowed down. Have you desingned any other maps? If so can you link to them.
  6. A citation has been written recommending you for an award and possible promotion. How did your paratroopers do?
  7. Hi, I have stormed the church tower now several times after virtually wiping out the germans and got US victories whilst playing this scenario. Maybe I had an advantage because I designed it and knew what to expect from the AI. Anyway, it can be done but I am not going to put a walkthrough here as a spoiler. The Germans in this scenario are full of surprises and it should stay that way for anyone who tries to take them on. My advice is just read the scenario instructions (your orders), rethink your tactics and don't lower your guard. tread carefully before launching your full scale attack
  8. No, just tweaked the contrast a little in Photoshop. Would like some feedback on the scenario. How does it play?
  9. Yeah, it's the Aris photoreal walls mod uploaded a couple of days ago.
  10. Some screenshots from this 1200 x 1000 map American infantry advance cautiously to link up with their Airborne brothers Ratville in the distance (top left) German held village (foreground) What's the hold up? Infantry from Company O running cross country
  11. I would presume that as the Airborne landed some hours before the landings, the scenario maker has intended that the scattered paratroopers survive on their own for a while before the seaborne forces arrive (in reinforcement mode). I've taken a peek at this large map. It's a 4 hour long scenario and the description talks of 2 battalions of americans. That's got to be over 1400 troops, I think.
  12. These pics of a PAK AT gun are from 2 villages H2H Airborne Company engagement (Norman D scenario)
  13. Some screens from this H2H or (Allies vs AI) map Check out my other Norman D scenarios: Kill Von Klutz Ratville 111th Brigade Ridge Assault 2 villages H2H Airborne Company engagement and these 2 QB maps: Maison En Bessin Norman D Bridges
  14. Here are some screens from this scenario. Here they Kommen Americans reach the german trenches on the ridge German defences Spoiler Counter attack
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