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  1. well what changes did u have in mind, it all seems fine for the most part ?.. though i would love to see a button that makes it possible to make units pause 4 a designated amount of time
  2. me wanna see Australians! more than likely not if its still west euro battles i spose, but hey ! who cares cause its more CM anyways!
  3. Ha wow and quite the "PRO" internet weirdo 2 obviously.. well there is plenty of them lurking these parts of the internet getting there knickers in a knot of trivial crap, so perhaps I'm the odd one out ? ^__^
  4. was hidden and dangerous the game were u could switch between 3rd/1st person views ? if so, far out man I remember playing a demo for that 10 years ago.. the first game I believe ,if there is a series..
  5. I have been playing FPS games for 20 years or so and for the most part yes MOST of them do SUCK these days and they are a dime a dozen .. considering you're taste in strategy games, I'm guessing you guys would probably prefer the more simulator orientated FPS ..anyway I wont keep rambling and mention good FPS games battlefront might not like me mentioning other games I think older dudes would like.. but defenetley check red orchestra 2 !
  6. Hell yes take time off, even half your combat mission time slot for some online FPS, provided you are not an arrogant teenager of course
  7. Dear Cymru, No. You sir have started something EPIC and I'm proud that I can say I have been a part of it.
  8. I wish more older blokes played more online FPS games. Pointless arguments would be rendered useless with a higher presence of older players. I mean I don't play stuff like COD or CS (played lots of L4D2) with its millions of fanatic teenage fan boy fags who don't know anything about the world past kill streaks and masturbation. I'm more into the simulators and such eg red orchestra, op flashpoint etc.. Regardless however, arguing with a teenager about about why I'm camping with a machine-gun cutting down waves of infantry and defending Myself with saying " It's WW2 simulator fool " gets
  9. Ok I'm 26, I have been a member of battlefront since i was 19. Most of my friends around my age are gamers aswell (none of which will ever accept a CM game into their lives).. but believe it not we are all actually very normal people. have girlfreinds, not reclusive or socially inept and none of which still live with their parents ha! All the while leading normal fulfilled lives
  10. I am indeed confused by Preusse and his odd responses. I think Blackcat is correct.
  11. Yes I had same problem to. It cant be done... same problem with CMAfghanistan aswell... It's a shame because steam is an awesome way to advertise games to my freinds, when they see me playing something unfamiliar to them they will always ask me questions
  12. Oh dear ! im on the 2nd mission of this campaign and i was hoping for sure that daybreak would would take place on the next map it is hard to seee !
  13. I, for the life of me cant get the US Airborne texture mods to work from the repository! I've tried putting them straight into the Z folder and also doing it via rez explode then cut & copy them in to the Z folder but I'm not sure why I cant get it to work when it is obviously a very SIMPLE process !!! HELPS ! >.>
  14. NICE! ...I kinda have a soft spot for Marders..
  15. Ummm.. considering how the camera operated in all other CM games(a very primitive and analogue feel) CMBN camera IS 1000 TIMES BETTER *sheesh! NO COMPLAINTS HERE !
  16. Hello! Ok, so I've attempted a few of the missions that have US airborne infantry involved in the scenario. I played the map called Deville as Germans defending against 101 airborne company.. I noticed that the US texture models for that particular map are just the standard US uniforms & not airborne models so I assumed they weren't added into the game by the developers.. Than I tried brecourt silence the guns map and sure enough Dick Winters and Buck Compton had their signature 101 airborne tracksuits on .. I haven't tried any of the other 82/101 Airborne maps for that matter.
  17. I've had the game for 2 days now and I have played maybe 10-12 hrs worth. AMAZING!.. just as I suspected I read alot of the manual and realise how easy it is to miss so many of the little things that happen on an inf squad level, its sOoo good. I'm so very intrigued by the AI for that matter, I get such a sandbox feel from it in the way they function.. Ive never seen it done as well in any other strat game ive played Jeepers !! cant wait to see more !
  18. NICE!, I would like to make some vid's to actually, to bad u cant get rid of the UI, ther could be something in adobe premier to fix it, maybe.
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