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  1. JasonC, Right now I am giving SPWAW Russian Steel a go. I will try that 112 next. Still that second HMG was a nasty surprise! I redid my version with the German platoon, Placed the light MGs on the left and add your nasty surprise. If you want I can e-mail you a zip of it.
  2. JasonC 111 - Infantry company command Interesting problem, First it looked like a easy walk over for the Russians. That extra HMG took me by surprise. Never got the 82mm inaction while moving it in position became a target. I tried a double envelopment to take out entrenched HMG. Failed! Second time had success! Used 82mm and MMG to silence that second HMG. Moved the 2nd MMG to building in front of entrenchment for cover and suppressing fire. Advanced the first Platoon to the right small woods, the 2nd platoon Advanced and hide, then snuked then forward. When on-line with 1st Plato
  3. Hi all, A couple of years ago I sold my copy of CMBB and CMAK. I just repurchased them. On at tactical level this these are the best games I have played. Before I played SPAW. Loved that game. Still have it, great reference on TOE. With that I resently down load the Russian Training Senarios. I would like to thank JasonC for this creation. Should be recommended for any new player. I have just played up to scenario 110, "110 - Basic infantry commands ". Each scenario has been a learning experince. I would Like to make my comments on each so far. 100 - Basic armor commands
  4. wamp99 Glad you like the Live Action Report(LAR). It is all ready up to 23. You have alot of catching up to do.
  5. Guys, We have dodged the bullet, Charley, here in the Jacksonville are.
  6. Guys, I am in Orange Park Florida, right next to Jacksonville. Looks like Hurricane Charley has us bore sighted. All hatches here batten down and we wait to see what Ole Charley does.
  7. How the heck do ya get pioneers to use thier demo charge packs?
  8. Part III, Right Flank-The Fight for the Ford CSDT-B14-Eisen-Faust Turn 22 has been posted at MZO. I hope you all enjoy reading it. If you have not logged in at MZO please do. I would appreciate all coments or questions. Please do not post any info about this senario if you have all ready played it. I am in the last 3rd of this senario and please do not spoil it for me.
  9. Part II, The Center-The Fight For Engine CSDT-B14-Eisen-Faust Turn 22 has been posted. Finally got my posting problem solved here.
  10. I like to get an idea of good senarios for my future LARs(Live Live Action Reports). The senario can be CMBB or CMAK. Must be considered to have a decent AI, German or Allied. Also best recommendations for addtional forces for AI and troop quality level. Thank you all.
  11. Might be a subjest of one of my future LARs at MZO.
  12. Part II, The Center : The Fight for Engine CSDT-B14-Eisen-Faust Turn 21 has been posted at MZO.
  13. Read about this in "Panzer Aces" by Franz Kurowski.
  14. Part 1, The Left Flank CSDT-B14-Eisen-Faust Turn 21 has been posted at MZO.
  15. Part IV, The Right, The Ford CSDT-B14-Eisen-Faust Turn 20 Final has been posted at MZO.
  16. Part III, Center, The Fight for Engine CSDT-B14-Eisen-Faust Turn 2o has been posted at MZO.
  17. Part II ATG ACTION CSDT-B14-Eisen-Faust Turn 20 has been posted at MZO. Ehjoy.
  18. Part I : The Left Flank CSDT-B14-Eisen-Faust Turn 20 Posted at MZO. The LAR (Live Action Report)is getting so large per turn, I had to break it down into parts. Took me from 9am to 630pm EST to paly and get screen shots. Took 4 hours to edit partI There are 3 more parts in production right now. Enjoy
  19. Turn 20 has been played and snap shots taken. Now the editing begins. Should be posted on Saturday.
  20. Alech Thanks for registering. There are other good AARs there at the War College.
  21. How about loggin at MZO and let me know your favorite parts and if you have any ideas I might use post them. Please do not tell me about this senario if you played it and spoil it for me.
  22. Fellas, CSDT-B14-Eisen-Faust Turn 19 is posted at MZO. There was plenty of action of all types. Took me 16 hours to play and then edit. Another 3 hours to post it.
  23. I would like to thank, 37mm, MadGav, Gpig, and Joachim for logging on and posting at MZO.
  24. Gpig and others, It is good to know three people so far care and enjoy the AAR at MZO. I would like to see others from this site who visit MZO, log on and make some sort of comment.
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