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    GhostRider3/3 reacted to mjkerner in Beware the Hunt Command   
    I use covered arcs sparingly, and Hunt not much.  Mainly use CA on HQs, FOs and schreck troops so they don’t go popping off at every little distraction.
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    GhostRider3/3 reacted to Bulletpoint in Beware the Hunt Command   
    The problem with the hunt command is that your hunting troops won't stop when taking fire. Only if they take so much fire that they become quite suppressed - or if they actively spot enemy units.
    If you use a target arc, hunting units will ignore spotted enemies outside the arc. Useful for hunting in forest where the sight of a distant soldier outside the forest won't cause the to stop hunting.
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    GhostRider3/3 reacted to Splinty in Africa Palm's by USMC and British Forces   
    A Company 2/7 INF 24th ID US Army used a version with the swastika replaced by a capital V (for Victory) on their Bradleys.
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    GhostRider3/3 got a reaction from Splinty in Africa Palm's by USMC and British Forces   
    Nice.. I cant wait for the modding community to start doing really good things for Shock Force 2.
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    GhostRider3/3 reacted to Jock Tamson in Coming soon   
    And these, which are a ragtagging mashup of bits of Blimey's CMSF mods, mjkerner's Woodland asset and my own attempts at rolled sleeves, which are a wee bit ugly but serviceable https://ibb.co/N6hhSxJ :

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    GhostRider3/3 reacted to IanL in CM Shock Force2 v2.03 patch has been released.   
    Probably not but possibly. Lots of models in the game were tweaked including the soldiers. So, the majority of those mods will not. There were changes in the UI too. I think the only thing you can do is try the ones you like and see if they work.
    First question what are you trying to hit? I have not had occasion to use them much in CMSF but in CMBS they work quite well. To deal with a MBT I usually call for three rounds for an IFV two is usually enough. It is not unusual for one or two to miss the actual vehicle. For IVFs close is normally enough while for a MBT you need one to hit if you want it more than just immobilized.
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    GhostRider3/3 reacted to Sgt Joch in CM Shock Force2 v2.03 patch has been released.   
    re: precision rounds, they do work, I use them frequently, but it's not a magic bullet like a Javelin. It also matters who is calling in the strike, a FO in a FIST vehicle targeting using a Drone has a much higher chance of getting it directly on the target than a regular HQ unit.
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    GhostRider3/3 reacted to Erwin in Africa Palm's by USMC and British Forces   
    Bootie may not have posted it.  Send me a PM with your address and I can try and send the turret BMP file - it's just under 13MB.  If you have a dropbox I'll send to that.
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    GhostRider3/3 got a reaction from PIATpunk in Barkmann's Corner revisited   
    I could, the scenario really was not designed that way... just a semi-historical account of Barkmann's action that day with extra firepower from the Allies.  Let me work on it this weekend, and I will try and put something out early next week.  I will need time to play test it. 
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    GhostRider3/3 reacted to Erwin in Africa Palm's by USMC and British Forces   
    There is a mod for the m1a1 turret with palm made in 2014 IIRC.  It was sent to Bootie for CMMODS.
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    GhostRider3/3 reacted to Combatintman in Africa Palm's by USMC and British Forces   
    Yeah I remember seeing a few USMC wagons sporting them.  Not for the Brits though - most of the Brit wagons had their respective versions of the Jerboa, Red for 7 Armoured Brigade (including mine) and Black for 4 Armoured Brigade.
    Not the clearest image (taken just north of Kuwait City on Objective Cobalt about an hour after the ceasefire and you can see from the colour of the sky just how bad the oil fires were after Saddam set all the oilfields alight) but here it is:

    The Red Jerboa is on the exhaust port above the second road wheel.  I'm the bloke with the woolly hat in the commander's hatch.  And no - even though it looks distinctly otherwise, I had shaved that morning.  I struggle to think that it was nearly 30 years ago.
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    GhostRider3/3 got a reaction from Warts 'n' all in Barkmann's Corner revisited   
    Glad you enjoyed the scenario.  I worked for about 3 months on it, trying to get the area as detailed as I could from aerial photographs from Operation Cobra and the differences of today.  Stay safe out there.  Cheers!  :) 
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    GhostRider3/3 reacted to kondor999 in Barkmann's Corner revisited   
    Hey, just sent you a DM.  Thanks so much for noticing this and responding. 
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    GhostRider3/3 got a reaction from kondor999 in Barkmann's Corner revisited   
    Hello, couple options.  One I could send it to you via email, or cloud or something.  There I can send you the .BTT file and the other jpeg's.   So you will have everything.   Not sure, but I know they are transferring scenarios.. although its been over a year and still not complete.  In fact Im not sure if my scenario even exists with them (Battlefront Scenarios) anymore.   let me know.
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    GhostRider3/3 reacted to John Kettler in Barkmann's Corner revisited   
    Having played the one that came with CMBN early in what passes for my CMx2 career, and lost tactically doing it as Barkmann, I'm intrigued that someone would have another go at it. As the Germans, my experience showed that quantity does indeed create a quality of its own, and there was simply too little on the German side, coupled with serious terrain problems, to deal with the armored horde. This was greatly worsened by having Barkmann killed while head out fighting his tank. Nor did it help at all that so many of the attacking tanks had their Ma Deuces in front of the TC;s hatch, rather than the as built  aft location. that smarted, but I have no idea how accurate that was. Perhaps one day I'll get to have a crack at your bit of the war effort, as it were.
    John Kettler
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    GhostRider3/3 reacted to c3k in Barkmann's Corner revisited   
    Bravo! Bravo!
    I'd love to see this video stickied!
    Thanks for doing and for sharing.
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    GhostRider3/3 got a reaction from Aragorn2002 in Just Another Beautiful Day.   
    A new scenario I designed for the Brits.  Hypothetical British Attack from elements of 50th Inf Division backed by elements of the 44th RTR from 4th Bde.  vs Both Italian and German units.  Hypothetical but hopefully challenging enough for everyone.  AI has 2 plans but one more than the other.  Played as Allied vs AI, or I think H2H would be fine as well.  Looking for some play testers to tell me if any changes need to be done.
    For some reason I am still having difficulties loading onto the Scenario Depot... so if anyone savvy enough to do that for me that would be great.   Have fun and keep your head down.
    I have attached the .btt file that you can just drop into your Scenario folder.
    Just another Beautiful Day.btt
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    GhostRider3/3 reacted to LiveNoMore in Help me to pick one of these games :)   
    Fortress Italy, the first game in the series, has the most Italians. You need to start with this one as the others are add on games.
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    GhostRider3/3 reacted to sburke in Kampfgruppe Peiper Campaign   
    That is more in tune with the reality of the actual battle. If you can load the scenarios separately you can then adjust the scenario time for a different experience  I think the campaign scenarios are available as individual downloads  
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    GhostRider3/3 reacted to MikeyD in Rome to Victory Pre-orders are now open   
    The benefit of pre-ordering is largely the developer's. its a way to gauge the degree of public interest in a product so they can plan accordingly. It's probably not as reliable indicator these days as it was a decade ago. I (vaguely) recall BFC was caught off guard by the unexpected success of basegame CMFI and had to scramble to get more manuals printed up.
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    GhostRider3/3 reacted to Sgt.Squarehead in Battle of Leros and the Aegean campaign   
    You can pick your Italians at an incorrect date, save them along with your Germans as a core file in the same way you would for a campaign and then import it into a scenario set to the correct date. 
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    GhostRider3/3 reacted to MarkEzra in Do you guys think North Africa will ever come?   
    Personal fan of NA
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    GhostRider3/3 reacted to Erwin in Do you guys think North Africa will ever come?   
    When FI is complete they would have most of the units that would be needed for NA.  Considering the popularity of CMSF I and II you'd think that people would love to get back to the desert in WW2.
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    GhostRider3/3 got a reaction from Erwin in Do you guys think North Africa will ever come?   
    Dear GOD.... I hope so... Operation Compass, BattleAxe, Crusader, Gazala Battles... hell could you win a campaign as the Italians vs the UK?    So many great battles.  Sidi Barrani,  Bardia,  Tobruk, Bedda Fomm.  1st and Second German campaigns.  You could do some UK LRRP scenarios.  Naval support, Air Support...   To me it was a damn good Combat Series.
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    GhostRider3/3 reacted to Ivanov in Battle of Leros and the Aegean campaign   
    Great news! You Sir are amazing!
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