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  1. The video link for that is no longer available. Not sure they know Youtube may have taken it down or it got flagged for some odd reason.
  2. well I just finished a Italian Sicily Scenario. Will post it up in the Italian area in the next couple days... still for some reason its not letting me load scenarios on their page.
  3. Yeah it was probably me that requested it when Shock Force first came out. I will try and look for it again. the Grim Reaper would be another nice addition however. James.
  4. Well that would be bad ass... This Marine would thank you. Semper Fi. If you expand the view of the Abrams, you can make out what looks to be a palm tree, Dogs head and a Grim Reaper scythe. There are some hard to find pictures of some Marine Abrams with a Eagle Globe and Anchor and Palm tree as depicted on the Humvee... for the life of me.. I can find them right now.
  5. M1A1 of the 13th MEU in 2003. palm and USMC Eagle are near and just under Smoke Dispensers. Could not find the picture but this Abrams has a Devil Dog Reaper depicted.
  6. Anyone want to edit some Marine Units with the Palm, Eagle Globe and Anchor.
  7. Good to know thank you. Cant wait for the next Italian addition and Red Thunder. Semper Fi. James.
  8. Say I know this thread is old as hell, but couple questions. I was just reading about some battles around Anzio. I think there is something wrong with the TOE or maybe it is date specific. I tried to do some work in the Scenario Editor and can not locate any Waffen SS units. Even though a KG was involved in the Anzio area. Later it operated as a Division from May 1944 till its surrendered in Austria. Interesting note was that its Training Replacement Battalion was involved during the Arnhem battles. Anyways its been awhile since I loaded up Gustav line and cant get Northern Italy... so maybe I asked this question earlier, will this be available in the next installment. Best regards, James.
  9. Thanks Gkenny. It would be nice if someone can take that file and upload it to the Scenario Depot.. LOL for the life of me it still will not accept the file I give it. Trying to figure out a plan B. Cheers and I hope everyone has a great Easter Weekend. Semper Fi. James.
  10. I will definitely check this video out. Much appreciated Combatintman. I totally agree with everything you said. Everyone is super great at helping out as well. Best regards, James.
  11. Yeah I just cant figure out how to upload the scenario file... whenever I do it rejects it. Cant find anything really to help walk me through the process etc.
  12. Ok not sure if anyone can help put this bloody scenario back on TPG II. I cant upload the BTT. file for some reason and I cant find any useful help in uploading files. Everything has changed in uploading and it seems more difficult, I am no computer genius and that site is extremely cumbersome for me, which means probably no more scenario making for me. The last site was much easier to traverse. I tried even zipping it up but still no go, it is rejected every time. Anyways a little advice or assistance would be great. thanks, James. Barkmann's Corner revisited.btt
  13. Well my scenario, Barkmann;s Corner Revisited. will have One Panther, "Barkmann's (Waffen SS) and one Company of "Heer".It should resemble Panzer Pajamas review. Unless it has been edited strangely... LOL it should resemble this video.
  14. Lastly to save some confusion... "Revisited" will be the title I put back into the Scenario Depot, not exactly sure how it got deleted in the first place unless they did not carry it over from the previous site. No worries will get it done this week. Panzer Pajamas did a great review of it, in which you can watch his extraordinary video on youtube. Cheers
  15. Hello everyone, My version 2016 is completely different than the stock 'Barkmann's Corner" I went to great lengths to find documentation on the subject and the exact place where it "Most Likely" took place. Looked through many forums, books from both sides. Most of the details are actually in the notes section of the scenario if interested and the sites I went to.... might have included the books as well, cant remember. I will be posting it again in CMMODS III when I get home... Wednesday or Thursday this week. For those interested you can give the Allies another plan if you want, but as is it is challenging enough I think... but for more complexity this is something you can do if you want. Again, I basically went with what Barkmann said he had encountered, although I basically already added a second platoon of Shermans just to make it more challenging. But realistically Barkmann probably encountered scouts, logistical vehicles and probably one element of Sherman's most likely one platoon. The Allies thought most likely they were up against a hidden ATG.... anyways I will post it again this week, or hopefully you can get it from JoMC67 who has been kind enough to make it available. Cheers, James
  16. Thanks JOMC67.... much appreciated. Just found my thumb drive as well... Back ups are great! Cheers! James
  17. Say does anyone have the file for this, somehow it appears to have been deleted from TPGII.... had to replace my computer and lost the scenario file. Thanks, James.
  18. Why would they not include at least the Hungarians. Especially for late war? Budapest was one of the bloodiest urban fights in WWII. I think they called it the Soviet Stalingrad.. Sounds like they are have too much on their plate and giving up on Combat Mission WWII era. In fact pretty sure they will not even go as far as early war stuff as talked about but come up with something else. Been waiting for RT module for how many years now? Small team I get it but damn... I will be 60 LOL by the time we see some more stuff.
  19. Looking forward to the end of RT, I am sure it would come with Hungarian maybe Romanian forces as well as Waffen SS.... Partisans would be cool. However by GOD I would love early Russia as well so we could see battles like this unfold... or change? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Raseiniai This would be cool as they would technically have all the elements to reverse back to the start after the last RT module.... you could then use all the German Allies etc for the beginning of the war just changing the TOE... which we know is a pain.. probably.
  20. Blasted Vineyards! Just found out the hard way... they do tear up the tracks just like going through low walls, but worse I think. Definitely need engineers or breach teams if your going to move vehicles through those bloody things. Good to know about chaining your demo charges.
  21. I talked to some of my friends who dabble in reenacting and such. They said that Tropical uniforms would have been issued to semi-permanent forces in that theater, or those that had been established in that Theater for some time. They also said that the Divisions inbound to the Italian Theater would not have been issued the Tropical gear, with exception to units stationed or assigned to North Africa, Southern France, Italian, Greek regions. The uniform changed a bit, by mid 1941 they did away with the twill and substituted it for Cotton, these uniforms were slightly greenish in color and faded to sage green brown of sorts (The twill tropical) Luftwaffe tropical were more yellowish Khaki in color and were vastly different from the Heer Tropical. As far as camouflage in the Italian theater they would of had access to Italian camo and Heer standard. I guess someone would have to look at Divisional photo's or records to see if the inbound Divisions would have been issued Tropical. My guess is probably not if they were rapidly deployed. Perhaps some of the units could have picked up Tropical Uniforms if they had stores of them in supply. So maybe mixed?? Not sure this was just a simple discussion with a friend over the phone.
  22. Hopefully this question wont be ridiculous. I have only played a couple of the Campaigns and then decided to do quick battles with a buddy. Noticed there was Northern Italy and Waffen SS selections but you can not select them. Is this in preparation basically for the upcoming addition of Rome to Victory.... LOL I really wanted to fight in Northern Italy. Just thought it was weird seeing the selections. It was like getting slapped on the wrist! NO... you cant go there.. LOL
  23. Awesome stuff.... Italy has never looked so good!
  24. Right on... I had been away from the forums for about a year.. So good to hear that my favorite wargaming community and games are strong as ever. Semper Fi.. cant wait for CMSF2 and the Italian Campaign late... Awesome stuff.
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