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  1. I'm re-reading Beevor's Stalingrad.

    I'm realy frustrated by the shortage of good maps.

    Not only should this book have at least a dozen of the city itself, showing the lines at various stages of the battle there...

    But there should be more maps to illustrate the invasion, and the encirclement.

    I want to be able to see clearly who was where.

    The few maps in the book are adequate to give a rough overview,

    but no more.

    Why do I keep feeling that at one time, books like this were packed with detailed maps?

    Am I imagining a past golden age that never was?

  2. Mark, your three comments in the thread have been cryptic - except possibly the last one : ). If you have a point to make on the game please feel free to expand as I am not entirely sure what you are saying about the gun problem that JC raised. Have you a solution?

    Jason gets very pissy about a particular bug in the game, I dont blame him.

    It IS a bug.

    In reality the gun should either, have height, or be blocked from shooting.

    In game we get neither.

    It is a bug.

    It gets exploited regularly.

    At first I thought he was just spewing sour grapes... But then I tested it myself.

    Turns out he was right.

    The solution is to place your gun such that it is on the flat of the hill, just barely ahead of the slope.... and have it either, dug in, or in a trench.

    alternately, you can give the other guy more mortars to play with.

    E-mail me a turn,


    Random everything.


    I'll play allied

  3. My eyesight is rather less than it was 20 years ago, and the subtitles are blury and hard to read. (they also distract from the flow of the movie)

    The small stories are tied together within an overall plot which is subtle yet noticable.

    We are arguing irrelevencys now....

    The next step is oblique genital bragging, adolescent posturing, and "your momma's so fat" jokes.

    Or we can settle this with a QB

    Send a turn to... mr_laurier_iiooii@yahoo.com

    Since you are Finnish, you might want to let me be soviets

    Is 1000 points good?

  4. Would it be fair to say that in the first 2 weeks of barbarosa, the average quality of Soviet troops in the border zone was generaly green or conscript?

    Would it be plausable that a reduced company of rifle infantry might be told to man a roadblock? (1 Coy CO, 2x platoon of 3 squads of 1941 infantry. Plus 2 attatched platoon COs?)

    Would they have 4x 50 mm mortars and 4x maxim guns... and a single 37mm AT gun?

    What sort of German forces would they be expected to try to stop?

  5. Hi fellow gamers.

    My name is nathangun, a member of the FGM CM Clan.

    I'm sure you all have heard that CMMMODS is shutting down.

    As a result, me and fellow members are down loading (saving) what we can and are asking anybody who had contributed to CMMMODS for their permission to upload any of their material.

    Thanks to MikeyD, AndrewTF, Uncle Tgt, Gordon Molek and Juju who have given permission for their mods to be freely used and distributed.

    There are a hell of a lot of mods out there where the designer has not given permission or does not state that he wouldnt mind his mods being uploaded to another site.

    Hence this mail... if any designers read it can you please advise if it is ok for us to host your modifications and save your hard work.


    My few mods are under the name Corvid.

    Please host them.

    And enjoy them.

  6. I'll DL it and give it a go.

    Theres another north africa movie I saw. way back in the 70s when I was a kid.

    I forget the title but the plot went like this;

    In an unspecified year in ww2, A german tank crew has lost its commander, and is wandering lost when they stumble across a lone german officer who promptly assumes command.

    Meanwhile.... a pair of allied fighter planes are on patrol. One takes a hit and is forced to land.

    The pilot of the other looks out and sees the german tank approaching his wing mate, so he lands to rescue him.

    Just as they are about to take off again, the german tank opens fire and holes the wings of the second plane.

    Now our allied boys are unable to get off the ground, and the german tank comes after them as they trundle across the sahara in an unflyable fighter plane. They are chased by the german tank, who's new comander is gradualy revealed to be rather insane.

    Finaly the plane runs out of gas. The german officer goes to kill the surendering pilots. He shoots one. and is aiming at the other....

    and is himself shot in the back by his own crew who want no more part of his insanity. The end.

    Does anyone know the title of this movie?

  7. Sorry, doesn't follow at all. The best means to fight a tank can be another better tank, without it remotely being the case that having the best tank wins. Because fighting a tank is one task, and winning a war is another one entirely.


    In recent years we have seen brutalized refugees stop multi million dollar tanks with nothing but a broken steel pipe and sheer desperation.

  8. Ok, I'm making 2 (two) medium scenarios for Italian defence. One in Dec 42, the other in Jan 43.

    Both feature understrength, weakened or unfit Italian formations where average units are green with some conscript and a few (very few) reg units.

    Both are planned as hasty defensive opperations to slow and delay the Soviet advances of that period.

    Ground is open country with gentle slopes and occasional gullys. Very few trees but a fair amount of brush.

    In both scenarios, the Italians are blocking a road that leads to the rear.

    In both scenarios, The Soviets want to clear the road and push beyond.

    Any grogs with good advice?

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