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  1. At what point is your unit fully ID [as opposed to a sound contact] and in particular, how can you execute a "hit and run"? I would like to temporarily engage/disrupt the enemy and then move to a new defensive/offensive position. However, this seems difficult to achieve if the unit is already engaged or in LOS. So in short how do I disengage a unit that has LOS to one or more enemy units?
  2. When using my tanks I do not seem to be able to achieve a good hull down position. I need some advice on: 1) When and where to use tanks hull down 2) Exactly how to use the hull down command The key problems I have encountered are that the tank seems to stop short or go well pass where I want it to go hull down. If it does go hull down sometimes the bow MG is blocked. I know the principle of why you want to go hull down [harder to hit] but when do you use it? I seem to mainly rely on "Fast" and "Hunt" and I guess I am limiting my tactical options by doing so [shoot & Scoot...] and
  3. A couple of questions on 202. When using HE for the first few turns, how long and where do you place the area fire? With the house and woods on the right I concentrated the HE into one spot. With the T34s on the left I spread the fire equally from the flag to the left of the scattered trees [no LOS to the right]. I fired HE for approximately 3 turns. Once you have a spot or sound contact it becomes more obvious where to place the HE. Regards RNL Tiger
  4. JasonC - "The way you find these incidentally is to put waypoints on spots one turn one (from any unit), then use "rotate to" and put the other end on the desired target. Now pick up the waypoint and drag it around, looking for lines of sight clear of more than a few trees etc." I just tried to see whether I could see a clear LOS in scenario 201 by moving the 76.2mm gun to the woods just right of the house on the right and rotating towards the far flag. When I then move the waypoint I do not get any clear indication that I have LOS. In fact in places where I know there is not LOS it is no d
  5. Thanks for your effort JasonC in producing these scenarios, they are good and I feel like I have learnt something I've just finished playing 200 and I opted for the schwerpunkt down the left with a few forces in the centre and minimal forces on the right. I was amazed at how easily the ATG can knock out all three tanks. You recommended in an earlier post to withdraw your the tanks from LOS and rely on support weapons to knockout the ATG. However, if your tanks are caught in the open [like on the left!] what would you recommend? The net result for me [on three separate occasions] was that i
  6. It is not clear to me what the rules are about when a flag becomes a question mark, enemy or friendly flag. In simple situations friendly forces around a flag logically turn it to a friendly flag but when it is contested it seems arbitrary and not completely related to force size and proximity. :confused: Also, is there any way to be near a flag and not have it give your proximity away by turning friendly? It would be nice to setup ambushes near flags but when it turns friendly that rather gives away the fact that you are occupying the area. Regards RNL Tiger
  7. Thanks for compiling this - very nice. I do have a question - how can I tell what scenarios are compatible with this? Any CMAK scenario that is set in 1944+ and located in France or Germany? RNL Tiger
  8. You are able to issue a shoot and scoot order for tanks, is there an equivalent for Infantry and anti-tank forces? :confused: In short, I would like forces to pop-up shoot (kill or destroy hopefully) the enemy and then get back into cover or move to another location during the sixty seconds of action. RNL Tiger
  9. What did the German commanders actually do tactically when the Tiger's were first introduced? Having just played Tiger Tiger, I am curious as to what the German commanders actually did when they first started to use the Tigers? I deployed them as fire support, using the Panzer III's and the infantry to assault the victory locations and whilst I scored a total victory I think a significant part was played by the defence being controlled by the AI! Just to see the scenario from the other side I also played as the Russians and scored a draw. I've just started to play these scenarios to unders
  10. Looks a nice model, it needs a desert paint job now I just finished a [1/72 Dragon] Tiger 1 Sd.Kfz.181 Ausf.E Late Production and the level of detail is quite different. First model I've built in over thirty years and it shows! I made a mess of the wheels and tracks and the stickers came off - but I do like the custom camo job I did! I think I will stick with the diecast models in future they look much better
  11. This may also help: http://fprado.com/armorsite/tiger1.htm
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