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  1. Thank you Sgt.Squarehead, I think you've pointed out exactly what I'm doing wrong! I'll have to go through the maps I've created and set up an AI plan. It's a shame the game doesn't have a set AI just like it originally did.
  2. A couple of Brightonians on here is there? I grew up in Patcham and live up the road in Burgess Hill.
  3. Hi guys, I mainly play PBEM versus my buddy and also like to play quick battles against the computer. However, the computer player never seems to do anything. It doesn't seem to deploy tactically and it makes no attempt to move any units or vehicles. It will call down arty strikes, but that's as aggressive as it gets. Units will react as normal when spotting my units and will shoot or retreat, but never anything else. Is there anything I'm doing wrong? I've tried playing at various difficulty settings and nothing seems to change.
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