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  1. I tried an even newer driver and still no 1280x800 direct x choice. I guess I'm screwed when I'm on the road. The reason for the odd resolution is this laptop's screen is extra wide.
  2. I'm running CMAK on an eMachines M5312 laptop under Windows 98 SE. The only options it gives me for resolution are 640x480, 800x600, and 1024x768. The game looks a bit chunky at 1024x768. Is there any way to make it come up at 1280x800? I've installed the latest driver for the ATi IGP 320M graphics chip. The downloaded file has a God awful name: wme-catalyst-7-962-031202m1-012924c.exe. I'm not in Windows ATM, so I can't check the driver versions in Control Panel.
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