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  1. How do I load up some of these mods for all the games? Alot of these mods are really good looking and would add some spice to the game. Also would the person your playing against see the mods even if he doesn't have them?
  2. Thanks, Right now I have a 16MB TNT card in and I wanted to get a better card. The GeForce 2 card is really the only one I can find. The one 44o card is APG8 and the there are the problems with the drivers I guess. I think I will just go out and get the GeForce 2 card and save my money to get a new computer next year. Thanks again
  3. Will a GeForce 2 card show fog for the CM games? I have a Pentium II 450 and im having a hard time fiding a GeForce 440 card for Pentium II. I did find one today but it's an AGP 8 and I read in another thread it wouldn't work that good. Thanks
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