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  1. Well there is a mixed bag of mod info for you.

    There are not specific PzEngineer or PzRecon uniforms, they fall under the title of "Mech Troops" along with PzGrenadiers.

    The bad news is that in the game the German Infantry and Mech troops share the same bmp numbers (except for the helmets) and so there is no difference between them from 1941 until May of '44.

    The Good news is that Andrew TF did an excellent mod for them. You will find them in Green as Jade's CMMODs - link given by the previous responder. However, back in the day, Andrew TF went by the Nom d'Plume of "Astro Cat". So go to GAJ's CMMODs/CMBB/Astro Cat/page 6/HEER-1 to find your mod.




  2. Cambronne,

    With the rarity value of "Normal" in July 1944 the German Panther A (early) is 302 points (with a 30% rarity value - newer models are available), and the Russian captured Panther A (early) is 525 points (rarity value of 150% - captured/reused gear is always more expensive). I think that having the rarity value turned "Off" skews the relative values off. King Tigers should not only be expensive because of their defensive/offensive capabilities but also because only a few hundred were made compared to thousands of Pz IV's. Anyway, that's my opinion.


  3. Yskonyn,

    Thank you.

    No I do not keep it up to date, and have changed some things in my home game that have come along and were better than what I included in CMN. (I like Vossie's summer ETO stuff for CMN for example).

    I wanted to give CMNormandy a very summer, Western France look. The buildings are alot of that, the roads are lighter, I used MikeyD's Normandy skys with hedgerows, etc.

    For ETO I had used a darker, more Fall like look with more Belgium/Holland/Germany looking buildings. Again in my home game I have changed some stuff.

    CMETO included uniforms and scenarios (I caught a lot o'**** for the scenarios), so with CMNormandy I just did terrain. Probably a good thing really.

    Hey wait a minute...that's not one question!


  4. Spec 10,

    You should run a thread search for "Announcing CMETO" and "Announcing CM Normandy". Kinda one stop shopping for all terrain for NW Europe 1944-'45 and Normandy 6/44 through 8/44. Put together by some awesome dude with mods from the best mod artists around.

    In all humility,


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