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  1. Okay, so I dedusted my CMx2 copies on my new PC and trying to get back in the hype. I have not nearly played as much CMx2 as I have CMx1. One of the things, I really, REALLY, liked from CMx1 is that the time penalties per waypoint changed with the experience of the unit. So an elite unit would have e.g. 2,2,3,4,5 seconds time penalty over 5 waypoints. Green units would go more like 3,5,7,9,10 (it's been a while, it not about the exact numbers here but about the model). Especially Barbarossa to Berlin the veteran / elite units would prove much more adjustable to changing situations whereas
  2. Hi Guys, I have noticed some really weird behaviour. I send my nfantry to go through the back yards and avoid the main roads, since MG fire is expected to have a sweeping view on the main road. When I tell my infantry to enter the house, they will partially run around the house and enter from the front! The very thing I try to prevent!?! Any thoughts as to why this is and how to prevent it? Does movement speed cause this? Or maybe two squads entering at once, forcing a queue and making some pixel soldiers think they can beat the queue, run around the house (and die)?
  3. But does it actually work for you, the "nearby trunks only" option? Or are all trees empied of their leaves?
  4. Hmmm, would it be a CMx1 feature then? I recall being able to do three things: 1- all trees 2- no trees 3- trees far away / no trees nearby (it would show just the tree trunks iso the tree)
  5. Hi guys, I just received my new PC which hosts a 2080ti. I love the wide screen support by CMBN! I am experiencing a video problem when running CMBN. The image is very restless, it looks like - even when I do not change the view - the video keeps redrawing the screen. Also the ALT-T option of having nearby trees removed and trees further away to be visible, is not working. Does anyone have any ideas?
  6. Never mind, I simply had to cut-paste the key in the activation... #blushes
  7. Hi guys, I am setting up CMx2 on my new PC. One of the upgrades I bought in the past is not available anymore. In the order history, where one can find the download links, the error message above pops-up. Anyone has got any ideas where I can download the CMBN vehicle pack (CMBN-P1V4)?? Tnx, Fokker/Ushavov (CMMC2)
  8. We had Cocat, when we played CMMC2. Maybe dedust it and see if it still runs?
  9. Thanks. Option 1 didn't work. Contacted helpdesk, contains broken link for password reset (www.battlefront.com/lostpw). Not useful. When asking to change password after submitting user name and e-mail address, I am told an e-mail is sent my way. Unfortunately I do not actually receive that e-mail 😕
  10. Am unable to log ont to the new webstore. It does not accept my user name + password. When trying to access using the e-mail address it turns out to be too long to be entered. Any suggestions? Thanks for your help!
  11. Not sure where this is, but as a CMMC2 vet I am in for any Meta Campaign. Ushavov, out.
  12. Could the shift of air priority from dominated by the Hilterites to a more balanced - and eventually Red dominating - setting impact the efficiency of logistics? The Hilterites were perceived as invaders. The Reds initially (however shortly in some cases) as liberators. Could this have impacted the effect of guerilla activity on logistics?
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