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  1. Yes I know that but it still doesn't work.
  2. Hi, I can't seem to start an operation at night. I intended making an operation that allowed opponents to move forces at night, with the second battle starting at dawn. But I'm not able to do it. Could any of you help? Cheers.
  3. Thanks for that Akula2. It's a pity the CM designers overlooked this to begin with. I know this isn't to do with the topic, but it's help nonetheless. To be brief, I created a scenario where the Axis focres are the attackers, but they just won't move. They have been set as atttackers and they do not possess any of the objectives, but they still won't budge.
  4. Hi, I have created a very good scenario map in Beyond Overlord for a large battle. However, I would actually like to use this map and extend it for an operation. What is the procedure for re-using a map design in other battles/operations. I can not seem to do it. Thanks.
  5. I'm glad. I wouldn't want to upset this 'elite' group that you are part of. By the way your posting went up to 115. I'm sure your very proud. You'll soon be up with the big boys.
  6. Thanks guys. Just needed to get that off my chest. Sounds as if CBAK is worth getting. I'll keep an eye out for the next one with the new game engine.
  7. Hi, I am new to CMBO, only recently obtaining the game on budget price. Great game visually but it has some annoying fundamental faults. Firstly it has no indirect fire capability unless you use spotters. No problem with spotters but omitting indirect fire without them is unrealistic. Secondly its force organisation is unsophisicated. There is no organisation for armoured forces, not even a troop! So you end up throwing a mish-mash of tanks and self-propelled artillery together in an amauterish way. I've tried to over-ride this by trying to remember the real composition of armoured units. What annoys me is the game declares its military accuracy strongly throughout the manual yet falls short badly on the above two counts. Visually it is a real delight. However time should have been spent making the AI less ponderous and over-cautious. Perhaps a function whereby you can set the offensive - defensive levels of the sides is needed, ensuring the opposition moves its arse when it is obviously tactically imperative to do so, rather than milling around sight seeing. Are these faults rectified in the follow-up versions? If they are I would probably buy them. cheers.
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