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  1. I had been wonder about use tank/engineer armor with bulldozer blade to raze building down or use tank with siege gun to blew building up. I sometime do that in WWII game with Stumriger with 380mm gun. Yes, I should worry about enemy with anti-armor weapon if I try use bulldozer blade. I hadn't buy CBSF yet as I should let you know. I am still so tempt to buy it as it look much better and more challenge.

  2. according to Stéphane Ferrard, "Les matériels de l'Armée de terre française", the rifle platoon (Groupe de combat) was made up of 12 men:

    -a squad leader (sergent, chef de groupe) rifle

    -an assistant squad leader (caporal) rifle

    -an automatic rifleman (tireur) fm 24/29

    -an assistant automatic rifleman "chargeur" pistol

    -3 "pourvoyeurs" (ammo bearers) mousqueton (carbine)

    -3 "voltigeurs" (rifleman) rifle

    -1 "grenadier" (grenade launcher) rifle + tromblon v.b

    Great reply! how do I add extra men in mission editor? I tried to read and try left click as no luck. I am creating some missions which I can use them for offensive missions. Also, after I see your reply and I googled with word "Groupe de combat rifle platoon" and find good link http://enpointe.chez-alice.fr/di.html as more better data. I read and understand how too late to re-arm with better stuff like replace 1 VB launcher (that made old rifle too fragile to fire it) with 50mm grenade launcher as more other issues. unless if MOD make France to stay in game longer than 1940 then more interest to play it. I did creating a Finland army by use German army with captured Soviet weapons with some weapons edit to armed platoon correct.

  3. I hadn't ask that question for long time but I wonder in TOW why France infantry have only 6 men instead of 9 to 11 as two of men armed with only handgun plus only one man carry grenades in Fusilier. I feel like cheat if I edit all men carry all rifles and grenades. Also that smaller France infantry have value point 50 as similar to other bigger and heavy armed infantry. Why?

  4. Unlike in CMBB, the panzer rifle (oops, the anti-tank rifle) is very disappointing. In many tries of that defense tutorial, it never scores a kill! And I was too busy to note if it ever hits.


    Oh, I did score some kills with anti-tank rifle. few time BT-7 blew up. It have to be in close up range depend how thick armor is(check chart). Also I love to use it if I want to capture tank is be patient wait in hide spot until get close up then shoot at side of turret to kill/wound gunner then wait for tank turn around then shoot at hull in front to kill/wound driver then it will go gray out or crew bail out. It work on me many time even few time tank blew up so close to attacker. Sometime engine catch fire. Also HEAT ammo from tank is my favorvite to capture heavy tank as it have to be so close to get one shot score then able to capture it. Standard rifle fire will able kill/wound crew inside light armored vehicles if really close up if aim at right place.
  5. One time, a man try tell me that Tiger I is really not perfect war machine due to flat armor, overstress on engine as well too slow. I said to him it is like compared if it is in Luftwaffee it is like at Me-110 as not really best heavy figher in late war time until Me-210 then Me-410 even Me-262 then it will go well in late. If German build Tiger III with powerful engine even sloped armor and more better after King Tiger then it may do so well in late war? Am I right about compared Tiger I and Me-110 in army and air force as old design "heavy" war machine as still fight in late war era? I wonder what name will be for Tiger III? Just curious.

  6. Hi Slaphappy

    Well, Most time I read stuff that sometime soldier with satchel usually creep up then armed fuse before or after as place it on tank/bunker then run to place to take a cover. I think it have do with Hollywood movie effect as people see "hero" throw satchel to tank even comic book as see Sgt. Rock do that. LOL as weird to see Sgt Rock pop in my head as I type in. Do you know who Sgt Rock? if not then ask us.

    Ummmm...how about modeling a Waffen's bundle grenade "gebalte ladung" that I often see in pictures of Waffen soldier hold it in hand in early war. I understand that it is semi-offical as improvised makeshift AT weapon carry. I wonder if it is only carry by pioneer engineer in early which they may had idea how to attack KV tank.

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