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  1. I usually keep tanks close together, so that if one of them is attacked, his buddies will be able to fight back because they most likely will have a LOS to the attacker. If behind partial cover, the squad would usually mop up any single attacker.

    I've created a scenario in which german PzIIIG's and StuGIIIB's fight a smaller number of T-34/41's. As i saw in the editor, the Germans had a slighly better chance to hit (33%vs30%), and a higher ROF, while the T-34's had a higher chance of destroying their foes. In the actual battle, i sent my squad to partial cover and waited for the T-34's to appear. When they did, one by one, they easily mopped up the PzIII's (One made a first-shot kill at ~500m). Then i played as russians. The Pz appeared in loose formation and killed all the T-34's, losing 4 out of six. I've tried the scenario three times with both sides and had similar results. Bad tactics or bad luck? How do i use my tanks in a better way than described at the top?

  2. I agree with Leutnant Hortlund. I remember my beloved "Panzer General IV" officer Michalke accompany me through ~18 Missions...

    A Campaign mode would be horrendous work to do, but it could add great atmosphere. Maybe the player could be personalized as a platoon HQ at the start of the game, being reassigned to different unit types and Theaters of war, later being promoted to major, controlling more soldiers. This would be not too unrealistic, since it might be possible for an officer to start with a Kradsch├╝tzen-Company in Afrika 41, and later becoming member of a Grenadier-Unit in Italy, for example.

  3. In CMBB, you could manually adjust the unit's size to make it visible at large distances. In CMAK, the units grow in size as you zoom away, and i could not find a way to disable this(i like "realistic" panorama views over a tank commander's shoulder). Is this feature fixed, or can it be removed?

  4. As i first saw the Churchill AVRE i thought it was another support tank providing HE fire against soft targets. Then i noticed that it uses this special kind of ammunition ("hohlladung" in german) that is used to penetrate armour. However the low muzzle velocity would make hitting a target moving faster than a handicapped turtle rather difficult. Was it originally designed to fight the german westwall bunkers during the invasion? I know some amphibious tanks were used, but as i can remember they didn't do well. Was the AVRE such a vehicle, or had it another purpose?

  5. I agree with you that the Enfield's higher firepower is justified by it higher magazine capacity and the easier bolt operation, at least at short ranges. However, firing faster usually uses up your ammo faster. Why then do british squads in CM have higher ammo ratings than germans, even if equipped with the same amount of rifles/smg/lmg? (brit early recon/assault squad-german '41 recon squad)?

  6. Thanks for your interesting replies.

    To Los, about the german version: Yes, the manual is included on the 2nd CD, when installing the game, you get informed of that, but i would prefer paper and ink. (Anyway, i don't have no Acrobat Reader)

    About K98 vs. Lee Enfield- Well, the E.'s clip capacity really is superiour, i didn't know about that (i think in Battlefield 1942 you get an "Enfield Nr9" using a 5 round clip, maybe because of game balance). To Fluf: A single K98`s firepower rating is 6/5/3/1, the Enfield's 10/6/3/1, they are equal at long range. I'm not sure but i think in WWI the germans used the Gewehr98, and WWII's Karabiner 98k (k=kurz=short) is a shortened version of that rifle, shorter barrel=less precision. The long-range rifle fire maybe was more effective on a WWI battlefield, since the area (France, Belgium)from 1915 on was just a desert of mud with holes in it-no trees, houses and the like. In WWII, the more and more effective tank forced infantry to hide in woods, villages etc., and higher overall mobility prevented an area to be turned into a moonlike landscape by heavy artillery so that the accuracy of the K98 was of less use than a higher rate of fire would have been in urban or forest warfare. I wonder why the germans spent their resources on developing these unreliable and inaccurate missiles, they should have put more strength in developing a light automatic or semi-automatic standard infantry weapon early in the war. They actually did try this, but stopped after unsatisfying results.

    The Mg34 vs. Bren: I didn't think of the easier handling of the Bren, it surely is tough to turn a Mg34 around quickly on a new target at short range. Today's Mg3 weighs about 13kg, the Mg34/42 may have been even heavier (i think they had wooden shoulder pieces? don't know the word).

    Another strange thing is that a german squad, i think the '45 F├╝siliere, is equipped with an lMg42 that has a firepower rating less than the '44 Rifle squad's (50/45...). That is no error since this squad was also available in CMBB with similar firepower. Why is that? Did german late-war lMgs suffer from bad maintenance, or what?

    About the low ammo ratings: It is realistic to find the troops waste their ammo within minutes, but maybe the possibility of them getting new ammo, maybe by an ammo truck, could add even more tactical finesse to the game, at least in larger battles.

  7. Hi everyone,

    I have been enjoying the CM series since CMBO and got the Afrika Korps Game just yesterday. However, there are some things about the german version that really annoy me. It's not because of the missing swastikas and SS-runes (in germany, these are prohibited, only allowed when showing historical documents), that's ok with me. But the german version does not include a written handbook. While the german CMBO still got the full written handbook, in the CMBB game a shortened one was included to make it fit into the new DVD case. CMAK also was sold in a DVD case, but somehow they didn't even put a shortened handbook in. I mean, by now, i know all the controls and orders, but in a game that is made with so much love for details, i just would like to have some written pages.

    Also, the german mission briefings contain many spelling/translation mistakes. A sentence like "Captin, ordra your infatry to assualt frontaly" would truly affect the game's serious background and the pre-battle-excitement, if you understand this (exaggerated) example.

    I know that all this is not the developer's fault, but rather the german publisher's. Hopefully the (many, please!) future CM games will be as exciting in their german versions as they are in the original. Another great feature would be a full campaign with units growing in experience and officers gainig leadership skills.

    Now i have some questions about german infantry weapons in CM. Being a german, i prefer the german side when playing, as you might guess. Looking at the german infantry squads, i realized that their firepower and ammunition rating is usually lower than that of their allied adversaries. Ok, the american M1 rifle was truly a superior weapon, but when i compare the K98 to the Enfield rifle, i wonder. Both of them were, as my military knowledge (mainly developed by CM, Panzer General IV and Battlefield 1942) tells me, rifles the soldier had to reload manually, by operating a bolt after each fired round. Now the british rifle has a firepower rating of 10 at 40m, while its german equivalent has about 6,5. Why that? If i was defining a firepower rating for CM, i would consider rate of fire, precision and penetration power. In my short time with the german army (we got conscription), i learned about the truly devastating power of the 7.62mm NATO round. The K98 used 7,92mm rounds (as far as i know), being even heavier than the 7,62. Considering accuracy: Any of the conscripts i was with could hit a soccer-ball sized target at a distance of 200m after 2 weeks practice with the G3 (former german army rifle). Now some weapon-interested sergeant once told me that the K98 was even more precise and the Mauser system world-famous(K98 rifles are still used in the german army for military parades, he had to care about them).

    Finally, the rate of fire, should be similar to the Enfield, since both rifles are bolt-operated, as i think. So why is there such a huge difference in the firepower ratings of these weapons?

    Next topic: The Bren lmg is more powerful at short range than the lmg34. I don't know much about british weapons, but the Bren looks like having a clip/magazine at its top which can hold about maybe 40 rifle-bullet sized rounds, forcing the soldier to exchange clips often, unless the Bren had a low rate of fire(that would reduce its firepower rating). Now the Mg34 was either belt-fed or a cylindric box was attached. So maybe 50-250 rounds were available before reloading, a major advantage.

    Overheating: As far as i know, any Mg has this problem. The Mg34 has this holed barrel for air-cooling, the Bren has nothing comparable (at least it doesn't look so). Today's german Mg3 is easy to operate, an overheatened barrel can be exchanged(takes approx. 5 secs). This Mg3 is just a plain copy of the Mg42, which is the improved version of the Mg34. So why is the Bren superiour to the lMg34?

    (German lMgs are identical to hMgs, the only difference is that the lMgs use a bipod, while the hMgs are placed on a "Feldlafette")

    Since i rarely use the infantry's ammo at distances larger than 150m, short range firepower is truly important to me. And that is the next point: German infantry has these very low ammo ratings. Where is the use in a Panzergrenadier 43 squad (ammo 32) in a large-scale-infantry battle?

    As i understand it, a squad's ammo rating depends on the number of rifles compared to the number of automatic weapons. Why then has a british squad (6 rifles, 1 smg, 1 lMg) an ammo rating of 51? The german '41 rifle squad has 2 more rifles and less ammo. ?

    Ok, sorry about complaining so much, i still love the game, but sometimes i wonder how the germans could make it that far with this inferiour equipment (PzIIIF vs. T-34M41). Since this forum is in english language, i suppose most of you come from the us or great britain. It's a good thing that we can exchange opinions now rather than have to fight each other, although i like blasting british tanks on the computer!

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