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  1. Modern tanks really don't need anything more than HEAT-MP-T and APFSDS rounds for it's 120mm gun. The effect of the coaxial machinegun is bad ass enough when it's supported by the systems of a modern MBT. In the case of the Leo you got 1200 7.62 rounds per minute that pretty much will annihilate any soft target it's aimed at. From trucks to personel. The role the machinegun doesn't work effectivly in and the APFSDS is poor at(taking out targets only protected against light calibre fire, and no more) is a niche where the HEAT-MP-T excels. So the unavailability of a pure HE round for the
  2. Maybe he has one of those Stephen hawking style synthesisers?
  3. Aye, an Abrams isn't exactly a good tank for long fighting since it has a cruising range of a mere 275 miles and needs to be refueled every 8 hours on average. Not to mention that it features a gas turbine, which means unconventional fuel and I don't think that WWII germany could even correct the slightest error of such an engine since it requires very heat-resistant parts(I think we all know about the troubles WWII germany had with Me-262 engines). The allies wouldn't have it alot easier either. The Leo 2 would be easier to maintain since it runs on conventional diesel and uses a convent
  4. Those hits would have to be VERY lucky. Even 40mm high velocity APFSDS tungsten ammo has a tough job of getting through the side or rear of the Leo 2A5 S. The Leo 2A5 S and Abrams are pretty much clones when it comes to armorthickness(pretty much the only thing that separates them are the electronics and that one runs on a gasturbine and the other on a diesel). As for never getting above 20mph outside the autobahn... ROFL!!!! Leo 2 does almost twice that off-road. I've seen it myself in the muddy fields and broken terrain of southerns sweden. And they can push it to go even faster.
  5. Well, I did my service as a FO. Nowdays you don't use TRPs as a FO. You got GPS(plus a small horde of non-satellite related navigational tools) that can pinpoint your position to a millimeter as well as FO equipment that will give you pretty automatic range and direction. And then the arty has GPS/navigationequipment of his own as well as a ballistic computer where they simply imput the weather data and where they want the shells to land. And you can get a hit within 25 meters at the first shot with fairly accurate weatherdata.´ You're still trained to be able to do it the old fashioned
  6. Even though WWI Vickers/Maxims were stationary and watercooled machineguns which didn't even bother to attempt to make the weapon mobile(thus there were no compensations to reduce weight) I highly doubt that they in the field fired 10000 bullets without a hitch. Being watercooled eliminates one problem. Being stationary eliminates the problem of mud and similar problems related to movement. Being designed to be stationary meant that things like the internal mechanism could be made alot more reliable. But when considering the poor ammoquality of WWI as when compared to today(as frequently b
  7. I spent a little time firing with the FN MAG(basicly I qualified with it as well as carried&fired it on some exercises). Now the FN MAG is as far as I know based on the MG42 and known to be very reliable. But damned if it didn't screw up alot anyway. Never any machinefailings(the gun never broke on me) but there were ALOT of other stuff. First off. Every 250 rounds of fire you had to change the barrel(faster if on continuous). On the FN Mag that was easy and only took a few seconds though. The MG34-42 doesn't look as easy to switch though. Then there was the problem of faulty a
  8. Odd, the documents that I have says that the Boys ATR faired "decently" against the italian tankforce in the opening stages of the desert war(and it wasn't until 1941 and the introduction of several heavier tanktypes that the Boys ATR became totally useless). With just 6-30mm armor(and that of low quality!) the Boys ATR shouldn't really have any problems at ranges shorter than 100m.
  9. Oh no. That I'll have to dispute. On the defense the russians were the match of the germans. The basic soldier was fairly decent. But on the offense the russian infantry tactics from Squad and up to companylevel were abyssmal. Basicly "The Human Wave". Attacks using brute force of artillery and manpower to make up for what it lacks in finesse. These flaws in russian infantry tactics have lived on(partially) and is a serious weakness in the tactics of Warzawa pact armies and their successors.
  10. You'd be suprised how realistic it is for pilots to bomb the first target in their sights, even if that's a worthless target.... For several reasons. One could be simple fear. Drop your stuff and get out of there(back to base and grab a beer instead of taking flak)! Another is, he doesn't KNOW that the target is worthless. You're flying by in a cabin at a very high speed trying to detect people who are activly trying to remain undetected. Gee, forgive him for not knowing exact troopsize, value and morale of the troops that he's trying to bomb. For me CAS has been a very positive experien
  11. I can say that I'm QUITE annoyed with the heavy armor of the matildas after playing the "Descent on Malene" operation. Those two matildas would ALWAYS, and I mean ALWAYS set them selves up so that they had a perfect position from which they could pin down my main assult with that machinegun of theirs. And none of my guns had the slightest chance of knocking it out. It wasn't until the 4th round of battle that I managed to get an AT-gun to the side of one of the tanks, and through MASSIVE bombardment managed to immobilize it(both 37mm AT-guns, 1 Inf Gun and a 20mm Flak shelling it for 2 tur
  12. Odd. I know for a fact that the Strv122(Swedish version of the Leopard 2A5, with improved coms and armor...plus a few other features) has an ACTUAL front armorthickness of 1-1,5 meters. What the RHAe is for that I have no idea since it was way above my classification level(and I mean WAY above it). Note: I looked through the FAS OPFOR WEG. Most of those weapons have a penetration of about 400mm RHAe. The Panzerfaust 3, RPG-7V and RPG-29 have a penetration of about 750mm RHAe.
  13. Sure, some of them have a penetration of 1000mm against rolled homogenous armor. The problem is. Rolled homogenous armor went out of date with the T-72. No modern AFV uses it. The penetration against a modern figting viechle using various forms of layered armor(like chobam) is much much less, closer to a 100mm. Today, if you're carring a handheld LAW(like the AT-4), you'd be lucky to get through the side of an infantry fighting viechle, much less a main battle tank. Anything that weighs 30-tons or more is out of your league as a foot soldier unless you happen to have a 150mm+ anti-tank mi
  14. First I played as the Axis(this was my first time...ever... playing the game). Playing as the Axis My initial plan was to send one recon platoon over the left to reveal enemy positions by the simple expedient of letting them shoot at me. The rightmost recon platoon would do the same thing on the right. The center reconplatoon would sneak into the gully, right up to the end of it, and be ready to pounce at an oppertunity. Since the enemy positions looked the weakest towards the right(not a large amount of cover from his point of view) I decide to have my scout cars pop up there and p
  15. Michael Emrys: I can't. Not any written scientific paper in any case. That statement of mine was based purely on my own experience(limited as it is) and the experience of people I know(which is quite alot greater than mine). Now when I do think about it there might be a higher effect if the jet doesn't go straight through the viechle(from the effect from hitting the armor on it's way out). What I do know for a fact is that friends who served in Kosovo as well as in East africa have on a total of 3 occasions been shot with HEAT with no casualties. Twice in APCs and once in a mini-buss.
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