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  1. ...Modern titles... CM: Twilight 2000 - Last Battle (for CMSF someone created this Twilight 2000 campaign) CM: BATTLETECH
  2. Loved AH Tobruk, now Tobruk/ATS. I even ended up using those rules (AH Tobruk modified; 1"=1 hex) for tabletop miniature WWII wargaming back in the '80s. Also, the reason why I loved Steel Panthers so much (still do sometimes with SPWaW).
  3. I just mentioned this a few weeks ago in another thread... I miss ROQC RobO' Quick Campaign Generator (Author: RobO at CMODS III) CMBB: http://cmx1mods.greenasjade.net/mods?author_id=20&game_type=3 and CMAK: http://cmx1mods.greenasjade.net/mods?author_id=20&game_type=2 The automated Excel spreadsheet version was awesome. I really wish it could work for the CMx2 series.
  4. AdBlocker Plus (Firefox) is a friend with moments like these...
  5. This would be a tricky one to google search at work!!
  6. Fyi, not sure it will help you out, but some good info none the less... Giving infantry units a pause order at the last waypoint keeps them on the spotting routine with their heads up, otherwise, they hit the deck and don't spot /see as much.
  7. Good Lord Mord... do tell... "what kind of grass mod are you using?!"
  8. Cheers for that! I have all of the CMSF1 stuff, so I will definitely be upgrading to CMSF2 at some point, then I have plenty enough CM titles /scenarios /campaigns to carry me over until the WWII timeline goes backward in time... hopefully.
  9. #5 and #7... yawn. Don't want CMFB and CMRT is as late in the war as I am interested in. #8 is morning wood. Kursk and Barbarossa... add in hopefully North Africa 41-43 and BF will start getting my money again for new titles.
  10. Would Mord's AAS Hi-Vis Forensic Hit Decals help? http://cmmodsiii.greenasjade.net/?p=7040
  11. I have the first two PVR'd for the holidays. Looking forward to watching them again.
  12. Sorry, I thought everybody saw that movie! Lol, thanks Mord!
  13. Not this cat... the AI is just fine for me, my reasoning is real life time allocation. However, PBEM is also lots of fun, my turn rate for a human opponent is not up to par usually, hence why I don't hook up with others much.
  14. Brillant use. I have read many accounts of just such scouting excursions, especially by the German tank commanders. Use it myself regularly and is not gamey at all. I would say that if you lose a vehicle to bogging, well I am going to put the crew to use for other purposes. What? The war is over for them because their vehicle is broken down and they have weapons?? Really??? F that!
  15. I mentioned this several years ago, might as well mention it again... This is so much easier nowadays compared to my old wargame table days, using a homemade (paper towel roll and angled mirrors) reverse periscope to get the idea of their field of vision.
  16. Mods... the amount and types of mods, eventually installed, slow load times no? I actually have never found it to be an issue for me with the other titles. Besides, it's worth the wait for those that do.
  17. For what it's worth, there is a CMBB version as well. If you can't get the files or you don't want to sign up, I could dropbox them for you? Up to you.
  18. +1 for the idea. I recently posted this link in another thread for RobO's Quick Campaign Generator (ROQC) http://cmx1mods.greenasjade.net/mods?author_id=20&game_type=2 which was used in the CMx1 series of games for "quick campaign generation". It would be great if some Excel wiz could figure out how to make some of this work for CMx2. Loved this with CMx1. Some stuff might be useful though for this endeavour not sure, maybe record keeping or something??
  19. Ouch...! Lol sounds like someone yells out an F bomb after the incident.
  20. Came across these images at this web site: http://galaxykits.com/instructions/instruction/3444/german_tank_crew_at_rest when I was looking for image refs for 3d model creation. Thought you might find them interesting if you have not seen already.
  21. Just may Inspire me to try and do this within the 3D realm (3ds Max /Zbrush /Photoshop). Could even be 3d printed. Rubble and ruins are always fun to try and recreate in 3d, for me anyways. That thread would be an obvious ref. Link appreciated.
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