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  1. I also had CMAK modded to CMETO for Normandy, etc. Here is the link for the mod conversion, which still works: http://www.tspindler.de/cmak_mod/
  2. CMx1 with ROQC (Rob O's Quick Campaign Generator) was what kept me going with the CMx1 engine a year or so after CMBN was released. If you are still into CMx1, I highly recommend getting the CMAK and CMBB docs for ROQC. A search of this forum should pop up some of my old posts pimping ROQC, Not sure if the links will work??
  3. I will add to the Berlin factor and add this 'Little Wars TV' episode. Pre-battle interview with David Glantz. Here is the description: In this episode, Little Wars TV revisits the Battle of Berlin 75 years later. Our special guest for this event is historian David Glantz, author of "When Titans Clashed" and more than a dozen other books on World War II and the Eastern Front. Colonel Glantz describes the enormity Soviet operation to take Berlin, along with the desperate German defensive strategy. After a fascinating historical discussion, six players fight a wargame on a 8'x4' tabletop using GHQ Miniatures. Who will win the race for the Reichstag? Can the German defenders hold out in the Zoo flak tower? Let's find out!... Enjoy:
  4. Not speaking for BornGinger, but maybe, like me, this person would have rather the time line went towards Kursk or Barbarossa instead?? Having said that I will more than likely purchase FnR to support BF. I am not really a fan of the last days battles though, but I will let the immersion decide that for me.
  5. Are these the maps? Monte Cassino_Master Maps_Files If so i will leave the link active for a few days.
  6. Yes, I have had this happen both for and against my units, as luck would have it.
  7. Rossmann at Kodersdorf I'll pin this here for a few days: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1fG25Vio2a-tNoQlXjHevHu2P6DbWt3Ex/view?usp=sharing Someone upload to depot please. Thanks!
  8. I am doing a German campaign (CMRT, Iron, WEGO). A platoon of Grenadiers just captured a strip of a forest with multiple foxholes in it. The Grenadiers were performing buddy aid and forming up to move on when I noticed spotting rounds starting to fall around the area. I gave all platoon squads a quick move with hiding orders on a foxhole (what helped were the squads being split or not a full squad because of casualties). When the barrage arrived all platoon squad members except a lone rifleman (caught running, pixels away from foxhole) survived the 45-sec or so barrage... So I don't know what to think about the "foxholes and trenches offer little protection argument.", as my squads were all spit or had casualties making them a more compact unit, causing them to be able to all fit in the foxholes. This for sure helped save those virtual souls. I am rather sure If I would have had full squads doing the same thing, I would have probably had half the platoon wiped out, as half the members or so would not get the protection of the foxhole during the barrage... just chiming in as this just happened to me.
  9. D'oh... typo in my email address I gave you. I pm'd you with my correct email. Please send it to that address. Sorry about that.
  10. EDIT. This link does not seem to work as well. Darn. I can see why as it is the old Repository link. https://www.combatmission.lesliesoftware.com/RedThunder/Scenarios/Eyes for the Corps1_1.html Maybe Erwin has a copy?
  11. You are not alone I am sure. For CMAK and CMBB I enjoyed the ROQC quick campaign generator that Rob O created (automated spreadsheet for campaign play through of a core unit, promotions, casualty tracking, etc). It would be great if some Excel guru could figure out how to make it work for CMx2 games.
  12. Fyi, link does nothing when I use it??? Thanks for the heads up though.
  13. Done with a booming voice-over, explosions and mech parts flying through the air... THE TIME IS NOW FOR CM: BATTLETECH.
  14. Alright... I loaded a scenario into the editor and then exited the editor. I can now see the scenario list like normal, the scenario list is no longer invisible. Yeah self!!
  15. I can't see any of the the scenario's /saves in my cmak scenario list for some reason. I can click on the blank area and a scenario will load up, I just don't have any idea what I am loading up until on the battlefield... strange. EDIT: Ah yes, I re-installed Windows 7 on this laptop, CMAK was located on another drive... I assume I will need to re-install for the scenario list to become visible for me again? Luckly I did make a snap purchase of the CMx1 bundle package a several years ago (I just had to have a better digital backup of this series) and the price was right....
  16. Just going to bump /add a link to the convo.... CMx1 related. nathan1776 since you still like CMx1, check these two campaign generators out. You may have fun using them with CMBB and CMAK (if you haven't already of course).
  17. Just some vehicle /armor packs for earlier time periods and the modding /scenario creating community would take care of the rest.... (dreaming NA, France and Barbarossa). Sigh.... with a wisp of a weep.
  18. Fyi, I noticed that there are two identical images (file info is the same) in the BMP folder of this pic. The linked pic is 11001.bmp. For it to work correctly, make a copy of 11001 and rename it 11002 for the second image and place it in the bmp folder as well.
  19. This was my favorite main screen fan art for CMBB... Worthy of the cover for the dvd case imo Download link: CMBB MOD Main screen menu art
  20. I have it. I will keep the link active for a week or so. Campobasso
  21. In game terms, never was meant for the real thing, spin it how you want....
  22. This is my fear BEFORE they get to earlier time periods and theaters. I would be done with it all if that is the case (WWII wise)... starting the new engine with 'Boring'mandy and ignoring N. Africa and Barbarossa /Kursk AGAIN would really suck imo.
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