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  1. Opps ignore the Panzer Leader one... That would be more for Russia and France... silly me.
  2. Tobruk - by: Michael Carver (Covers all the battles from 41 to after the capture of Tobruk, from both Allied and German perspectives) Great read. Seems to be out of print, libraries usually have it. Panzer Battles - By: F.W. Von Mellinthin Panzer Commander - Memoirs of Colonel Hans von Luck Brazen Chariots - By: Robert Crisp Panzer Leader - by: Heinz Guderain to name a few.
  3. Have you tried the "fast and compatible dust" - shift I.
  4. Well it feels like Xmas. I have my hands on it and loading as I type. Happy happy joy joy! Looking forward to all the scenarios and ops made by you people. Very busy now, gotta go.
  5. I am begining to worry as I haven't received my pre-order in Winnipeg yet. I am hoping it will arrive and doesn't end up being a lost article. :eek: Little_Black_Devil lives in Winnipeg and got it... Oh the agony! Damn you Canada Post... Get your own copy... You Bastages!
  6. Sounds like a good idea. I own JTPC Tobruk 41, not sure if I can commit to a multiplayer session like this though. Might look into trying out something for solo play, With JTPC T41. Or maybe Steel Panthers WaW Mega Campaign, Desert Fox 41. First however, I am patiently waiting for Canada Post to stop using my CMAK and just send it to me already. No CMAK in Manitoba, yet. :mad: Second, I am going to enjoy CMAK the way it is for a while. Then I will start probing the possibilities of the idea's above. I will be paying attention to this thread for your's and other's updates.
  7. Yes I to have AH TOBRUK (two as a matter of fact). Very much considering getting ATS TOBRUK. Never know when you might have a CPU problem or a power outage. Or how about the trips to the cabin (without the laptop). Before Steel Panthers / Steel Panthers WaW (and the computer), I used the AH TOBRUK rules for 1/76 scale model wargaming on a 9 x 5 table. Worked out great by using each hex as 1" on the wargame table. Micro scale would have been better though, but I used what I had. While I am typing, I have recently pulled out some old Wargamer Digest magazines from 1977 - 1982. I am thinking on making some of the Battle Station problems (scenario's) for CMBB and CMAK. More on that at a latter time.
  8. For me, After AH TOBRUK came Steel Panthers and then Steel Panthers-World at War by Matrix games (it's free). This took care of my wargaming needs until I saw CM. The only purchase I made for SPWaW was the Desert Fox 41 Mega Campaign. IMO SPWaW is still a very good game for turn based wargaming. I still have it installed on my older CPU. Hmmm, Maybe some SPWaW Mega Camp convertions to CMAK are on the way from me, hmmm? I Have to look into that. [ December 06, 2003, 04:02 PM: Message edited by: Blazing 88's ]
  9. Yes I too have AH Tobruk. Actually purchased one in 79 and was given it as a gift as well a few years later... More counters that way. I am really looking forward to CMAK for that reason. I just stumbled across this a few weeks ago on another thread. Totally blew me away, I didn't realize my favorite board game TOBRUK had been redone. The company is called Critical Hit: www.criticalhit.com/index.html They call the system ATS, Advanced Tobruk System... I think I might just support these people for a good bookshelf filler. There will be good scenarios for CMAK conversion in it as well. [ December 05, 2003, 03:18 PM: Message edited by: Blazing 88's ]
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