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  1. For some reason this has never interested me, JMO. Early war mobility battles with the shorter range of most weapons would make for some great war gaming on these CM maps imo (especially in North Africa and Russia). This is where I would like some time and love from BFC. That is the timeline direction I would be more than willing to spend my money on, this 45-46 idea not so much. Again, this is just my opinion, lots of people on here would love your suggestion though.
  2. Or Twilight 2000! There is already a campaign at the depot for that though.
  3. Did someone say DAVY CROCKETT! https://armyhistory.org/the-m28m29-davy-crockett-nuclear-weapon-system/ On another note. I assume a Red Dawn campaign or scenario or two could be possible down the road with some modules (Soviet paratroopers, maybe Cubans, etc)??
  4. This surprise gives me hope for a North Africa, maybe a Barbarossa or Kursk game out of the blue.... someday. Cold War will be an interesting gaming enviro that is for sure.
  5. Yes, very aware of this fine mod by@kohlenklau . Would be a great base for taking on something like this. I think terrain for Gazala or El Alamien area could be replicated, the units would be fictional. The same famous battles could be semi-historically with substituted equipment. Yes, Tunisia would be superb as well and probably the easier way to go. Something for this neglected theatre of war. This needs it's own posting imo. I shouldn't be hijacking this cmbs thread, sorry.
  6. At The Few Good Men scenario depot, the download page has this comment that might be helpful. September 16, 2018 at 12:28 am Sadly, they changed the TO&E files since this was originally issued, so since it used a custom TO&E the armour is lost (unless there’s an update). That said, as long as you’re extremely careful with your armour, it’s still playable (albeit quite the challenge).
  7. Because of no CM North Africa love from BFC... I wish I had time, I'd love to try to make a altered time /mod for North African setting in Libya and Egypt. In this altered reality, the war started a year or so later (whatever is earliest allowed in CMFI). This then sets up using CMFI modded for NA, to be able to create Gazala /El Alamein battles using CMFI's earliest allowed time line. So yeah, lots of late PzIII's, PzIVs and a zug or two of tigers vs Shermans, etc, etc. Using those 1943 units to replay those battles I think would be smashing fun! What got me thinking of this was a blurb from Grenadiers (Stackpole, Panzer Meyer), he mentioned in 1942, when the Leibstandarte was reconstituting in France, they were preparing to head off for North Africa! However, we all know what happened on the Eastern Front late 42, which altered that from taking place. This got me thinking..... maybe too much.
  8. I agree with this part about WEGO and is one reason why I have duct tape on my RT switch after trying it once. "...However, this game was designed to be played using the WEGO system. That’s because, WEGO partially simulates the command and control challenges faced by commanders. Under the WEGO system you are forced to cede control of your units to virtual commanders (dubbed TacAI), as they attempt to carry out your orders. You cannot react to the battlefield situation in real-time, depriving players of their ‘gods-eye’ view of the battlefield. It forces the player to make decisions based on incomplete information as you cannot instantly react to your opponent’s movements. In this way, WEGO merges the tactical depth and planning of turn-based gameplay with the intensity of real-time systems. Whilst it might not be for everyone, it does add an extra layer of realism to the overall experience and is worth trying out."
  9. From reading accounts in Panzer Aces (I,II,III), Michael Wittmann, vol. 1 & 2, etc, etc. for German units it was common practice, with many close calls and failures for the participants. It was also what made them so successful from the intel gained.
  10. Panzer Aces three book bundle: Panzer Aces, Panzer Aces II, Panzer Aces III three book bundle Panzergrenadier Aces Stackpole Military History series has a very large assortment of war books to read I must say... Others: From the Realm of a Dying Sun. Volume 1: IV. SS-Panzerkorps and the Battles for Warsaw, July–November 1944 From the Realm of a Dying Sun. Volume 2: Volume II: The IV. SS-Panzerkorps in the Budapest Relief Efforts, December 1944–February 1945 Just found this one and will get it at some point, sounds interesting (three book bundle): Wehrmacht Combat Reports
  11. Thought I would throw this out here... Wouldn't it be possible to use top view screen shots of auto generated maps from within CMx1 (CM:AK modded to CM:ETO) editor, with the terrain elevations visible, as a template overlay in the CMBN editor? Still lots of work though, but would add randomness with a little bit of ease.
  12. Fyi, you may have forgot to edit the copy /paste? Allied Force list... Company Commander 1 - Axis Forces Company Commander 2 - Axis Forces I look forward to seeing how this works out.
  13. Tee hee, I just used Photoshop and unscrambled the scramble. I know who he is now!!
  14. Welcome to the addiction. You can post a thread looking for opponents here (if you haven't seen this part of the forum): https://community.battlefront.com/forum/126-cm2-opponent-finder/ You can check out A Few Good Men for a match up: https://www.thefewgoodmen.com/ The Blitz Wargaming Club: https://www.theblitz.club/index.php We Band of Brothers: https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/webandofbrothers/
  15. I do still have CMAK installed. Thanks though!
  16. I would wishfully much rather have the BFC R&D department focus on how the heck they may be able to get CM North Africa into my hands...
  17. Now I know why turrets dislodging and cartwheeling through the air, upon or after explosion, are not modelled in CM!
  18. All that is missing from this pic is a few 88mm penetration decals on the side of that "barn". The image reminds me of one of the default model splash screens for CMRT.
  19. Ha, the bold parts are fitting at this moment in time elsewhere... I agree keep it locked up.
  20. I found it was best to have another version of CMAK going and rename it CMETO. No need for swapping then, but yeah like Erwin said make a backup of the CMAK BMP folder before overwriting the originals.
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