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  1. I will eventually have Blender as a extra tool in the tool box since it is free, I just like using max. I am a 3ds max user myself. On and off with it since 1999. Last six years I have really gotten into using it for lots of things (ex: Tyflow, Phoenix FD for product rendering /animation, modelling, etc). I am also a big user and fan of Zbrush. I am always keeping my eye out for tutorials /courses, as Blender courses can be used with max and visa versa, if you know what you are doing. Here is a link to some blender courses you may want to pay for (gradual implementation of the tools as the course moves on, to not overwhelm you): https://polygonrunway.com/ (This one is Free)--> Become a 3D illustrator in one hour! https://polygonrunway.com/p/become-a-3d-illustrator-in-one-hour If the others are a little pricey, I can also recommend searching Udemy for a good rated introduction course for Blender when they have their sales going. Dirt cheap at times. Here is a example for a little higher Blender skill level (a Willys Jeep): https://www.udemy.com/course/create-jeep-willys-1942-with-blender/ Obviously Youtube as well, but.... A few years back I did this tutorial from Digital-Tutors, now Pluralsight (3ds max, this is not my video): Tutorial purchase link: https://www.pluralsight.com/courses/modeling-high-resolution-tank-3ds-max-1171 However I took mine a step further and made it the Pz III J special. Almost the same way Oddball made his gun larger in Kelly's Heroes.
  2. Someone posted this many moons ago for CMBB may be of help? Strong Point Scheme
  3. EDIT: nevermind, I read this the wrong way.
  4. Ha ha... Brings back memories from having the Risk board a little too big for the coffee table. Just so happened I had a very bad turn and got up in haste for a breather... of course my knee hits the board and it flips onto the floor, pieces everywhere. My opponent was impressed and called me a suck... lol.
  5. Soviet Storm is on Youtube as well. https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=Soviet+Storm Great series.
  6. I just updated my previous post with a helpful link, which includes a download link. This app is more than just an overclock app, in fact, I never used it for that. This app gives you more control over profile options etc...
  7. You guys, if you haven't already, should try NVIDIA Inspector, now also known as nvidiaProfileInspector: Search Nvidia inspector. Found helpful info here with download link: https://stepmodifications.org/wiki/Guide:NVIDIA_Inspector NVIDIA Inspector is a handy application that reads out driver and hardware information for GeForce graphics cards The tool is basically an nVIDIA only OverClocking application, you can set your clocks and fan speeds. Orbmu2k has released this program, which seems to NVIDIA graphics cards and offers information on tools for GPU and memory clock speed, GPU operating voltage and fan speed increase. This is a quite simple user interface with an application that will rely entirely NVIDIA drivers...
  8. If a concern, I forgot to add in this quoted post of mine that the tinyurl.com links are for amazon.ca. Only the fourth link was short enough to use, the others were very long for posting purposes.
  9. Wehrmacht Combat Reports - The Russian Front (Eastern Front from Primary Sources) Kindle Edition $2.99 CDN. https://tinyurl.com/hs3kw9b3 German Tactics On the Eastern Front -The Illustrated Edition (Eastern Front From Primary Sources) Kindle Edition $2.99 CDN. https://tinyurl.com/mz9awct7 Red Army Armour in Combat (Eastern Front from Primary Sources) Kindle Edition $2.99 CDN https://tinyurl.com/hsttwsx3 Panzer Combat Reports (Hitler's War Machine) Kindle Edition $2.99 CDN https://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B005VQUFAS/ref=dbs_a_def_rwt_bibl_vppi_i48
  10. I realize the op is asking for specific books from British and or Canadian perspective, but I'll recommend 'Grenadiers' Panzer Meyer's book (Last half of the book, prior his capture and the trials), if you haven't read it already.
  11. Not sure if this is what you want?? This mod from CM: Shock Force called Road To Baghdad has Iragi uniform mods. I uploaded the whole mod package that I have on my backup drive. Uniform mod- Iragis.zip. The main mod is named RTB.zip if anyone is interested. Road To Bagdad Mod_CM: Shock Force
  12. Looks like Erwin is going to help you out. That site link still works for me, so it seems. @scrapdealer, if you haven't used it before check out RobO's ROQC quick campaign generator for CMAK, great for a core force campaign layer to CM, using automated excel spreadsheet. Link (from same site as Erwin's link): CMAK: http://cmx1mods.greenasjade.net/mods?author_id=20&game_type=2 and if interested a CMBB ROQC: http://cmx1mods.greenasjade.net/mods?author_id=20&game_type=3
  13. Yep, take my money! I've been following with interest.
  14. Would you feel like cutting away at some point for a TUNISIA resurrection??!! .... Nice seeing you back again.
  15. Blender. It's free. https://www.blender.org/ I prefer 3ds Max myself.
  16. It was from within the link you posted, a little further down the thread. I'm just being a .
  17. ...and just over the ridge, the rest of their buddies are waiting for them!!
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