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  1. Ketil, The shop was called " Wargamers Hobby Shop " dad was Albert McNally some called him MAC out in Sterling near Dulles Airport. We and a couple other gamers also started a club back in '86 called "NOVAG" (Northern Virginia Adventure Gamers) which is still active today. He sold shop when couple others opened up in the area, one in Chantilly called " The Game Parlor and other called " little Wars in fairfax. I still go to the Game Parlor couple times a month to see whats new. [ July 28, 2004, 01:40 AM: Message edited by: JoMc67 ]
  2. My Dad owned a Hobby Shop in the Norhern Virginia area back in the early 80s before he sold it i believe in 91, so i know many of the board games that all have mentioned above. He sold both board and miniature games and had 2 pool size game tables to play them on. I have played a few board games but my interest lies in HO and GHQ Micro Armour miniatures along with the CM series. Dad today at 61 still has an interest in Micro Armour miniatures and has a game table in his house that i come down couple times a month to play. As a matter of fact we just came back from a historical game convention in Lancaster, PA and ordered some miniatures. Last year i showed him the CM series and he was quit impressed and wanted to play as often as possible but since he is puter iliterate i have to play out the turns for him. [ July 27, 2004, 03:03 PM: Message edited by: JoMc67 ]
  3. All your posts seem to have some good points. I just remembered back in my table-top wargaming days playing HO and Micro-armour rules. Where each turn represented a minute of action which was broken down in 2 - 30 second move and fire phases. Hidden tanks and AT guns fire first, then stationay AT guns fire second, then stationary tanks fire third. then moving tanks fire last. One rules set back in the 70s called TRACTICS as well as some newer rules rate of fire was dependant on unit type. Example: Rate of fire for A stationary M5 Stuart or PZIII would be 3 while only 2 if moving. A PZIVH or M4 Sherman would be 2 or 1. While a Tiger would only be 1 round. AT guns rate of fire is usually 1 higher then that of armour. If you KO a target and switch to a new one in middle of turn your rate of fire is reduced by 1. When it comes to tabletop or board game rules the movement and fire is somewhat abstracted for playability. I guess When i first started playing the CM series i was alittle surprised. The game is great and tries to be as realistic as possible, but there are still some things im undecided on.
  4. There would be 1 BAR team(1BAR) and 2 rifle fireteams per squad, a platoon would have 3 squads and a platoon HQ. CMAK should allow a squad with a LMG from any nationality to split into 1LMG team and 2 fireteams instead of the split squad command. Atleast that should give alittle more flexability. Yankee Dog has also a good reply in his above post. [ July 22, 2004, 05:25 PM: Message edited by: JoMc67 ]
  5. A more realisic rate of fire and hit accuracy. I have noticed that the rate of fire doesnt change even if the firer or target is stationary or moving. Example: A stationary M5 stuart will fire every five seconds or so against a stationary or moving target. A moving M5 will also fire every 5 seconds at a stationary or moving target. I think the rate of fire should be reduced alittle giving the above circumstances.
  6. Not only is the rate of fire alittle to high but the chance to hit with the smaller guns (20mm,20mm auto,37mm,40mm,50mm)seem high too. Example: I have been play testing alot of CMAK desert- The PzIII and A13 cruiser seem to have over 50 percent chance to hit with its first round from 400 to 500 meters. Then with consecutive rounds 2 out of 3 will hit. [ July 21, 2004, 03:58 PM: Message edited by: JoMc67 ]
  7. I have noticed in all 3 Combat Mission games the rate of fire is high and seems to stay at the same rate. Example: a stationary or moving Stuart would have the same rate of fire roughly 1 round every 5 seconds at a stationary PZIV, and still 5 seconds per round if the PZIV is moving, or if the range is short or long. You would think the gun would take an extra few seconds per round to adjust the fire etc. Atleast in the game rate of fire is affected when switching targets, crew conditions, size of gun, etc. [ July 21, 2004, 04:21 AM: Message edited by: JoMc67 ]
  8. Rexford, Thanx for the info. I figured that is what CMAK was trying to accomplish when i was reading all the previous posts regarding the above you mentioned. For some reason i always thought the Tiger 1 had face hardened Armour (Front Turret and Hull) where the surface of the Homo Armour used a heat treated process to give it that face hardened affect. As far as i know most of the German vehicles used Homo and spaced armour not face hardened. Does Combat Mission also take into account that some allied models used Cast-Armour in place of Homo. Its lighter then Homo but alittle more brittle against AP rounds. I think there was atleast one Sherman M4, T-34, and KV1 variant that used the Cast Armour, but not sure of the production percentage. Ofcourse i could be wrong with some of the above, but that was back in the day when i played HO and Micro Armour table top miniature rules where Face-Hardened Armour was alittle better then Homo and Cast was alittle less affective then Homo. [ July 19, 2004, 12:51 PM: Message edited by: JoMc67 ]
  9. Just purchased CMAK and noticed that the Allies have many of their gun penatrations increased that over CMBO, why is that. I like CMBO penatrations better and still think they are alittle more accurate. Joe
  10. Just purchased CMBB and noticed some late war Russian vehicles with low armour values. I played a battle in which i had a 75 pak40 against 1 ISU-122 and 1 ISU-152. The Pak40 easily penetrated them both in the front at around 400 meters or so, i couldnt believe this happened. Then i looked up the CMBB armour values of them both and it only listed the upper hull as having 90/30. I have played many table top wargames in the day and both those vehicles were very heavily armoured in the upper hull and gun mantle area, close to that of the Stalin 2 of which the ISU series is from. When i get a chance next week i will look up the armour values of those vehicles and others in a book ( Dont recall the name yet)that lists all the Russian armour values and even the penetration values. [ July 13, 2004, 06:31 PM: Message edited by: JoMc67 ]
  11. The Vehicle hide order is there just to show you what units are on top, inside, or bottom of vehicle. Its the same as having the no tree or sparse tree order, you can see the units better. [ July 10, 2004, 12:22 PM: Message edited by: JoMc67 ]
  12. Hello Soybeanz, I would be intrested in a CMBO/PBEM with you using dial-up. I have played CMBO against puter for 6 months and against Humans for 3 months and have used this forum for some tips and ideas. Email me at irishwop67@aol.com Thanx Joe
  13. United States, Virginia Dial-up at home and high-Speed at work.
  14. GERMANS- 2 Tiger1, 2 Marder3, 1 platoon of Infantry (3 Squad, 1 PHQ, 1 MG, 1 Panzerscreck), maybe 251/Halftracks attached for transport, 1 20mm flak w/transport Americans- 1 Platoon Airborn Infantry ( 3 Squad, 1 PHQ, 1 30.Cal MG, 1 Bazooka, 1 60mm Mortar, 1 Sniper). You might want to substitute the Airborne with Engineers to reflect the greater chance to knock out the Armour and Infantry. There should be American Reinforcements for play balance on turn 10: 5 M4A3 75 Shermans, 1 Platoon Armoured Infantry, 1 Air strike mission. [ March 26, 2004, 05:46 PM: Message edited by: JoMc67 ]
  15. I have been tabletop gameing in Micro Armour and 15mm for about 15 years using various rules out in the market. Here are some examples of tanks that could penetrate/KO front of PZIVH. T-34/76 could penetrate within 250 yards. M4/75 Sherman anywhere from 250 to 500 yards. M4/76,M10,M18,T34/85 anywhere from 1000 to 1500 yards. Ofcourse this doesnt include many factors such as: special ammo, angle of impact, armour hard points, armour weak points,etc. The PZIVH front Armour is as follows: Turretface-50mm, Mantle-80mm, Upper&Lower hull-80mm. I have also noticed in many of the game rules there were about 60% turret hits 40% hull hits. The PZIVH Total turret front exposure was about 60% mantle(80mm) 40%face(50mm). [ January 30, 2004, 02:06 AM: Message edited by: JoMc67 ]
  16. [ January 29, 2004, 02:54 PM: Message edited by: JoMc67 ]
  17. [ January 29, 2004, 02:55 PM: Message edited by: JoMc67 ]
  18. [ January 29, 2004, 02:31 PM: Message edited by: JoMc67 ]
  19. Thats what i figured, u can download most Mods & Scenarios from battlefront anyways so no need to purchase the SE. Thanx all for your input. Joe
  20. Hello, I have already purchased CMBO from Battlefront.com, i want to know the differences between CMBO vs. CMBO SE that is sold in the retail stores. Joe
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