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  1. Yes, it's CMBN, and the M4 Late Sandbag/Crate Shermans were mixed in about 50% of the time.
  2. I would like some of to do the same type/similar tests and see what you come-up with...
  3. Ok, I ran this test, (out of curiosity) around two dozen times just to see what the penetration was for the 50/38 AT (behind Hedgerow 250 meters) vs M4 Late from the front, and what the reaction times were for return fire, etc...What I discovered is the M4 (non-sandbagged) will spot and return fire after the 50/38 AT shoots about 2-3 rounds...However, the same M4 Late (Sandbagged) never spotted or returned fire even after takes several hits. Could this be a Bug, Game limitation, or something overlooked ?
  4. Thanks for the info, guys...Yeah, I'm using 'Tanks a Lot' and 'Pats', Buildings Mods.
  5. I have a set of 'Building' Mods (think they are 'Tanks alot') and just remembered some of the Models are missing their bottom floors...I also thought there was a thread or post a long time ago that mentioned some issues with the Building Mods on Game Play (Door placement affecting troop movement or somefink), but can't remember.
  6. Hmm, you would have thought there would've been a closer range away from contact marker before loosing the effect..300 m is a pretty far spread, and doesn't give much room for enemy to use counter tactics (ex..enemy can't surprise you as well by getting on your flank, because you've already spotted him earlier in game). Also, does Moral effect also how many Enemy Contact Markers a Unit can remember before loosing that Contact Markers effect all together (from dark to transparent to disappear)...ex; a Green Unit will remember 10x Enemy Units for such and such time, but a Vet will remember even more, and at a longer time ? Think I remember reading it somewhere that this is the case...
  7. ^ THIS ^ I also think Units carry far too many rounds in CM then they should, and another reason I don't like using the 'ACQUIRE' feature...Thou, and at the same token, Units in CM also fire their weapons far too often in comparison (most units only fire when necessary and of opportunity), and tend to use up more Ammo.
  8. Ahh, the Leopard 1...I consider it to be the best Post War Tank right before Ultra Modern (M1, Leo 2, Challenger, etc).
  9. You would end up with a CM version of this :-) https://www.ghqmodels.com/collections/wwii-1-285-6mm-scale/era_wehrmacht-47 https://www.ghqmodels.com/pages/free-stuff-micro-armour-wehrmacht-47
  10. Ahh, that explains why I didn't see any F&R content when opening RT...I also pre-paid via PayPal, and got the Activation Code (activating it), but no content
  11. I'm with you on that...No Post WWII stuff for me
  12. And, don't worry my Brothren 'East Ponders', the U.K. Module (I know you love your Chieftains) will come out at some point afterwards :-)
  13. Your Good, Sgt. York...Real Good :-)
  14. It's raining Bomblets on T-62's :-) Now, and keep in mind, I could care less about Post WWII era, but it's still interesting stuff nonetheless :-)
  15. Nope...It's the M551 Sheridan :-)
  16. I agree, Germ Infantry don't have Radio's , but unfortunately, it's built into the Game Mechanics that ALL HQ's do for the most part (for such things as C&C, Moral, etc).
  17. I Think it was limited to 100 meter max Firing Arc if out of C2...Also, all HQ's (In or Out of C2) were limited to 100 meter max, due to giving orders, etc.
  18. Nah, Zloba, and don't listen to Warts-all-over about enjoying the game...Just get those Vids out so we can enjoy them for you :-)
  19. I know in my Original 'House Rules' yrs ago had part of the following: All Units had Mandatory 'Cover Arcs, and it was wither or not you were in C2 that would determine range of that 'Cover Arc. If you were out of C2 you were in a Defensive Posture (essentially in self preservation mode) and have a limited Firing Arc...If in C2 you were capable of being in an Offensive Posture and have an extended Firing Arc. Anyways, something of that nature... My 'House Rules' stem way back in the CMx1 days and implemented in CMx2.
  20. Yeah, tell em ChuckyCheese ...After all @LongLeftFlank, should know what AFV stands for as he has only been playing CM, John Tiller's (EastFront, Westfront), as well as other Military Board Games longer them some of these Forumites were even born.
  21. What I like to see in Game Engine 5...A return to Game Engine 3
  22. Send more Brains, Z...err, I mean, more War Stories :-)
  23. Just downloaded myself, and will be a nice Mod addition Thanks, T34
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