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  1. 8 hours ago, Vanir Ausf B said:

    The thing of it is, the game doesn't know the target is on a range.

    Are you a tanker in real life? If so and you think all tanks should routinely spot each other within a few seconds of moving into LOS in combat even at several km ranges I could ask BFC to reduce the spotting variance for tanks to near zero. That's such a radical change I kinda doubt they would do it after all these years but you never know. ūüėČ

    +Thrice...The Game doesn't know it's on a Firing Range (different parameters), compared to Combat conditions. 

    Please, and NOOOooo to telling BF to reduce the Spotting to near Zero¬†ūü§®...I think all the near averages work out good enough.

  2. Yes, you can open the file, move several units around, save it, and come back to it later (I've done this in the past a few times)....Just need to rename the PBEM Game File each time you do it (thou, I think the computer will automagically do it for you). Just make sure to delete the older and keep the later version each time so you wont get confused.

    This is easy to reproduce by starting a PBEM Hotseat against yourself to see how it works.

  3. As a side note, and what I don’t find realistic, is having a unit with satchel charges moving up to a hedgerow and destroying a section all in same turn...In RL Engineers would have to move up and prepare the detonation charges (making holes for charges, etc) taking several minutes to do so. This is why I think this along with digging foxholes, getting ammo at ammo dumps, etc, ere better suited for Campaigns, Operations and not for your typical CM Scenario.

  4. Ok, I asked him and It turns out he purchased CMBN 4.0 Big-Bundle (all content) and I purchased everything as well, but in stages as they came out over the years.

    In any case, I gave him the Original Scenario from the game (that I modified by taking out all the units and placing new ones) to put in his Scenario folder to start the PBEM game, and I was finally able to see that file in my game.   

  5. Think he was probably the 2nd person ever I had issues with PBEM...We are using Dropbox. I wonder if it might matter if he is using a Mac vs my PC, or that I have all the Modules and he might not ? (need to ask him about that), thou it probably doesn't matter.

    Ok, going to Zip files back n forth via Dropbox and see what happens.

    Thanks, Schrullenhaft

  6. On 7/18/2021 at 5:18 AM, Bemused said:

    I'm back to this after some CMCW.  Do people still think it's worth playing compared to the more recent games? I have a memory of a very atmospheric mission attacking as CW forces with Churchills and I think some Fireflys against a farm defended by several Panthers, some AT guns and I think some pillboxes. Ring any bells? Would like to try it again.


    Campaign 'The Scottish Corridor' 

  7. Think I remember reading-up on that Campaign you were involved with, @Probus. I really liked how it was designed with several sectors of a map that needed to be taken or lost from enemy (similar to a grand tactical board game using hexes). 

    If you can find that thread, and post it here for Artkin, then that would also give him some ideas.

  8. Artkin,

    Go ahead and make it CMBN up to Battalion size Campaign (3x Games) with CW (make it Canukes) vs Germs...I will play one of the Companies.

    Each Player controls a Company...So, If you only have 3x Players (including yourself), then there would be 2x Companies, and you play as Overall Commander and control the Battalion/Div assets (if 4x Players, then 3x Companies, and you as overall).


  9. On 12/17/2016 at 6:21 AM, GerryCMBB said:

    Hello All:

    I have done scouting in the first few minutes and have spotted a Tiger (facing the wrong way) and a PSW. On board I have infantry and 4 tubes of 60mm and 4 tubes of 81mm Mortars. I should be getting 3 Shermans and 1 x 105 Sherman in a minute or so. So naturally I am wondering how to proceed.

    Do you fire some mortars at the PSW now? I assume you wait for your tanks?

    On the PSW it says range 3000m - no such note on the Tiger. Is this the distance to the PSW and is there a way in game for the player  to estimate distances? I assume a leader with binos estimated that distance to the PSW? Is weapon range included in the Encyclopedia?

    Appreciate any help.

    Well, Gerry, I see you have finally upgraded to CMx2...Welcome aboard :-)

  10. 9 hours ago, domfluff said:

    Terrain/Casualties VP split:

    Meeting Engagement: 500/500
    Probe: 400/600
    Attack: 650/350
    Assault: 750/250

    Just noticed a slight typo Domfluff...I switched the VP allocations around for Meetings & Probe :-)


  11. 1 hour ago, AdamPraha said:

    I imagine the adrenaline with a real live opponent. That would be like a real war.

    If 4 players played it, it would be something interesting.

    I play the Red Orchestra every day and I'm a veteran and everyone knows me.There are still a lot of better players and beating them is a challenge.I'm going to play Red orchestra in about 10 minutes.

    For example Steel Division 2 the most boring multiplayer in the world. It's a total waste in 10 minutes you fall asleep boredom.

    But Combat Mission in mulitplayer  1 vs 1....That would be very interesting.But you must have an equally strong opponent. For a fair game.

    Ahh, another RO Player...I haven't played in a few years, but I remember some of the Older Players (I was old back then). 

    Sometimes, I would also play against the RO AI, but apparently you can't do that anymore, since things have changed since after 5.0 major update. Now, they are up to 8.0 or 10.0 or somefink like that in past couple years.

  12. I still remember when CMBN first came out, and players complained that Tiny QB's had only a Platoon or two of Infantry and a Vehicle...Then, BF increased it across the board and Tiny Battles had a Reinforced Company more worth of Troops and couple Vehicles. 

    I still prefered the Former :-/

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