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  1. Can it be used to clear mines? Or is it pointless like in CMSF?
  2. Will all the CMBN and CMFI maps be redone when those games are upgraded?
  3. Combat Mission Battle for Normandy: "Market Garden" will be available for Download, Mail Delivery or both Download & Mail later this summer, exclusively from Battlefront.com! Summer ends September 22.
  4. Turns out PayPal had some issues. Martin fixed it up nicely.
  5. Two hours? You're lucky. I bought CM:A almost 24 hours ago and have yet to receive a confirmation e-mail. My support e-mails have gone unanswered as well. They must be short-staffed this weekend.
  6. I think some people are confusing lens flare with sun glare. I like sun glare in games. Lens flare is silly, at best.
  7. Well, for me it adds to the "my eyeball is a camera instead of an actual eyeball" feeling.
  8. Notwithstanding the asshats around here , I just uploaded a mod to GreenAsJade's Combat Mission Mods Warehouse that should help. Look for it under CMBN author 'Stirling'. This is the same one Vinnart referenced.
  9. This dead horse is nothing but a bloody pulp now. Will everybody just give it a rest.
  10. So I download the CMFI demo and use the hotkeys.txt from that. Now my hotkeys all work. Seems uncharacteristically sloppy for Battlefront patches, but I'll let it pass just this once.
  11. Nope. Didn't work. I also tried renaming the alternative file. The game still doesn't recognize my keys under the 'S' or 'A' tabs. I know it's reading the file because when I remove the file, all the hotkeys are blank in-game.
  12. Most of my previous key settings are correct, but the keys under the 'S' tab don't seem to be reading from the hotkeys.txt file.
  13. I'm not easily impressed, but...Wow!
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