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  1. I must say that so far I absolutely love CMAK, and the Desert War is a refereshing change from the other theatres. But from reading the other posts there seem to be some minor flaws, such as with multi-turreted tanks. Is there a PATCH in the works???
  2. Ahhh..maybe I'm blind or just have a short case of computer incompetence..But exactly where is the CMAK demo download I keep reading abou :eek: t???
  3. I'm dying for the release of CMAK, but in the meantime I've satisfied my thirst for desert combat by picking up some excellent books. Currently reading "Desert War", by Alan Moorehead. He was a war correspondant and gives some excellent first hand accounts. He even writes about the little known East Africa Campaign. Try it out!
  4. Hmmmm...Sounds like there are not that many good movies to chose from. I guess I'll have to settle for any Desert War Movie..Hmmmm How about "Saving Private Lynch?""" LOL
  5. Anyone know of any good movies that take place during the Desert War? The only one I can think of is the beginning of "Patton", but the M48 Modern Tanks used for panzers makes me want to vomit. There must be some realistic films out there somewhere!
  6. I noticed from the screenshots British Infantry are wearing summer issue shorts. The desert does have its cold months. Will the cooler weather scenarios have infantry in long pants, or is that something the MOD community will have to tackle?? Thanks!
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