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  1. German Luftwaffe Airborne Parachute Battalion (Motorized) Pioneer Battalion 44 (Motorized) Panzerjager Battalion Panzerschreck Company
  2. Ah I see. I guess Battlefront has decided it isn´t worth it, because in game terms there is no difference to the "late" version.
  3. Late PzIV J is already in CM:RT. Look 09/44 in CM:RT. That is the same PzIV late that is in CM:FB. Look 01/45 in CM:FB or 05/45 in CM:RV. What do you mean with "latest PzIV J" ?
  4. Excellent news! Preordered. Now hurry up to get it out of the door in February
  5. Good to hear. That gives me hope for experiencing Battle of the Schelde, Varsity, Remagen or Battle of the Ruhr, Harz Mountain etc. once that module concludes the war in the west in CM:FB and of course playing with Comet and Pershing tanks :-).
  6. Yep! Even the number of troops lost in Tunisia 1943 was larger than the number of what was lost in Stalingrad. Not to mention the losses that occured during the destruction of Army Group Center 06/44-08/44. Looking forward to the campaigns!
  7. Sounds good. Baltics would be Courland I guess, and the hungarian campaign is appreciated too.
  8. Great to hear that the Endgame on the Eastfront (Fire+Rubble) will be out soon, hopefully Q1/2021. But I´m a little bit underwelmed to not hear anything about plans of a commonwealth module for Final Blitzkrieg, taking that game to the 44/45 timeframe. Well maybe 2022, who knows? All the best and stay healthy!
  9. This one shows one of the four twin 12,8 gun emplacements in February 1945. http://theelephantgate.weebly.com/uploads/1/8/8/7/18876276/8111704_orig.jpg This one is earler. Still with single 10,5cm Flak http://theelephantgate.weebly.com/uploads/1/8/8/7/18876276/5460904_orig.jpg Tower/Steeple in the back of above pic seems to be the "Siegessaeule" in the central of the Tiergarden. Distance from Flaktower to that is about 1800 metres. You also see the seperate Flak command bunker.
  10. Yep, I read that too. But I don´t see how that could be physically possible unless they somehow managed to elevate the gun platforms enough to allow for direct fire. Distance from the Flaktower to Moltke Bridge and Reichstag was about 3000 metres.
  11. Indirect fire = yes; Direct fire = nope Berlin Zoo Flak Tower | World War II Database (ww2db.com)
  12. Great news! Don´t worry if it ends up being 18 or 22. Quality is more important than quantity for me. Looking forward to the game module in Q1/2021.
  13. Great stuff. I guess that will deal with 150 Division storming the Reichstag? Sounds great! Keep those pics coming.
  14. I hope not. I would rather see the CW 44/45 Expansion of Final Blitzkrieg after Fire+Rubble. However we might learn in the next 2 months what the plan will be.
  15. Given the limitations of the now 13 years old gfx engine, that is perfectly fine for me. The game is full of abstractions. Not that this is a bad thing. Please bring up those nice little screenies. That makes it easier for those who wait.
  16. Let´s hope for a january 2021 release. 12 January was the start of the Vistula-Oder operation.
  17. Hi guys, just went through my CM Collection (All releases) and wanted to bring them to the latest patch status. That went fine for every and all CM games except CMFI while downloading from here: Patches: Battlefront However the CMFI patches seem to be unaccessible? Every link (patch to 2.11, patch to 1.12 and the maps) on the homepage produces the following message for me. I am sure you want to have a look and fix those broken links:
  18. Yes, it is now 20 years I read George Blackburn: Guns of Victory and Whitakers Rhineland. For all interested, there are some very interesting threads about the ´45 Rhineland campaign on the WW2Talk board. Enjoy! RHINE CROSSING 1945: The Rees bridgehead (30 Corps in operation 'Turnscrew') | WW2Talk
  19. I am wishing for it. I hope at least parts of it are being realized in the next module. Good scenario could be Hochwald Gap, Canadian Heroes - Private Loren Nelson - Battle of the Hochwald and of course all the Reichswald action. Maybe we´ll see the CW module 44/45 in 2022? I hope so.
  20. Don´t need no poll. Commonwealth forces and expansion into VE Day for Final Blitzkrieg is due. Then finally we can go from D-Day to VE-Day with both games after 10 years of development.
  21. It has been like this since 20 years. Be happy if you see something new for x-mas, but don´t count on it.
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