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  1. Does that come with the Hello Kitty Flashlight as well or is that an optional extra
  2. Dr Porsche , One of the only engineers who never heard of K.I.S.S
  3. I can wait till your done I got the screenshots before I got your reply here , for some reason I cant see any topics or replys I make here for 24hrs :confused: R
  4. Has anyone ever done a mod of the ersartz M10's the germans made from Panthers for the ardennes campaign? If they did where can I get it from. R
  5. Thats typical , I get something for a good price and someone always finds it cheaper after ive got it . Hell , atleast its better than if I hade mail ordered it from military simulations in Melbourne , they wanted $110.00AU for CMBO normal edition not the special edition version that Ive got.I hear you about being a slut , ive already filled 2 cd's with mods and ive only had the game for just on a month R
  6. You need to read the "MODS" link that gets installed on the desktop with the game but the simple way is to unzip the mods to the BMP folder in the CMBO directory , the problem is some of the MODs are multi option with batch files to allow you to swap around the mods.The best thing to do is install the non batched mods and then goto http://www.combatmission.com/ and download CMMOS 4.03 and all the CMBO mods on the site.CMMOS is a great little program that allows you to install all the mods then chose between the ones you want , this includes vehicles , grass , trees sky etc without haveing to
  7. Not if Wilkinson breaks a leg R [ November 17, 2003, 11:34 PM: Message edited by: Darius359au ]
  8. I would also say the Owen ,for all the same reasons. R
  9. Nothing better to do I suppose , either to Hot(OZ) or to cold (sandanavia) R
  10. PzKpfw IVE Tiger for me , Great gun , decent armour and best of all , It looks Damned Mean R [ November 16, 2003, 11:57 PM: Message edited by: Darius359au ]
  11. Thanks for the answers , like an Idiot I kind of figured it out after I posted the question R
  12. ive just got the special edition CMBO and Ive come across a problem with Scenario creation , How do i get reinforcements to enter the map mounted on APC's or tanks :confused: , I cant find any reference to it in the manual and theres only the reinforce marker on the map not the units when I place units on the map. R
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