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  1. they are moveable but they're permanent once you start the scenario. Setup zones outside the wire would cover it. It's not a big deal, the campaign is still a lot of fun.
  2. I've just started playing this campaign, I'm on mission 3. So far it's a lot of fun. I like the way you have us using the same map but having to explore different parts of it. One thing that would really help is allowing units to set up outside the base for missions where patrols have to go out. It's very difficult and time consuming to maneuver all the HMV's out, the TAC AI almost always gets one or more of them bogged or immobilized trying to drive over the trenches, regardless of the waypoints I put in. Otherwise, as I said, I'm enjoying it a great deal. Thanks for the time you put into it.
  3. Thanks, I don't have the computer yet so I can't do that. It's interesting that I have two current laptops that handled the demo fine, one of the with integrated graphics. The better one runs the full game but needed some tweaks, the other one doesn't stand a chance. But I was surprised that after running the demo is didn't run the full game right off the bat. Still, it's working now. It's the older one that I'm looking to upgrade.
  4. I'm looking at an ASUS laptop with these specs: AMD Ryzen 7 - 12GB Memory - AMD Radeon Vega 10 - 512GB SSD. Does it seem likely that will run this game, or the other CM games? As I understand it, the Vega 10 is integrated graphics, but I'm seeing some things online about using it for gaming that make me think it will likely handle this type of game, and I don't really need anything more graphically intense than this. Thanks, Chris
  5. Thanks for your help here, I got the game running. Thanks, Chris
  6. I installed yesterday but didn't fire it up, today when it opens the launch page and I hit play, it just went black. So I uninstalled and reinstalled, same thing. Black Sea works fine, I did that at the same time. It's a windows 10 computer, I'm not sure what other information you might need. When I installed, from the activate serial number screen, I did all of the product serial numbers at once (choosing from the drop down menu). Not sure if that would be a problem? Thanks, Chris
  7. Also, any that you recommend? I'm very interested in Valleys of Death, which I've downloaded but need to learn how to install. Thanks, Chris
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