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    stikkypixie got a reaction from George MC in Any tips on judging LOS?   
    It is one of your maps :). Indeed you have set up the LOS there to be very ambiguous. My poor eyes really have trouble gauging the lay of the terrain. I think the lesson for me is to avoid the ambiguities on the map where possible and find an approach that offers more guarantees. Sure hope BFC change their minds and give some better way of interpreting the terrain, but until then I'll have to learn the hard way.
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    stikkypixie got a reaction from George MC in Any tips on judging LOS?   
    Can you elaborate on this a bit? Are you finding safe zones relative to your starting position? Or are you doing something else here?
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    stikkypixie got a reaction from IanL in Demo crash   
    I changed my NVidia profile like @Lethaface suggested and so far no crash.
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    stikkypixie got a reaction from IanL in Best order for building entry   
    One word. "Blast" :)
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    stikkypixie got a reaction from The_MonkeyKing in CMBS Rolling thunder do is difficult.   
    I found a video AAR of this battle on youtube:
    *** Spoilers ***
    Do you guys also encounter this <LASER WARNING> - <SMOKE CYCLE>? In my playthroughs I found that I have no choice but to brute force my way through. All avenues of approach are being covered by heavy weapons it seems.
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    stikkypixie got a reaction from IanL in New computer - do I need to unlicense?   
    Thanks for the answer Ian. Much appreciated!
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    stikkypixie got a reaction from highlandcharge in USMC Gung Ho! campaign   
    Thanks, I'll give it a try.
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    stikkypixie got a reaction from MOS:96B2P in Unofficial Screenshots & Videos Thread   
    Perfect hull-down

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    stikkypixie got a reaction from agusto in Whats the best approach for clearing with infantry in MOUT   
    If your boys get hammered once there inside, you haven't put enough suppressive fire in. You really want to light the building and any overwatch positions up :-)
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    stikkypixie got a reaction from George MC in First Clash - Impressions *** SPOILERS ***   
    So I just finished playing the scenario First Clash as the Americans vs the AI and I'd like to share some thoughts. The mission is to lead a tank heavy force a Russian spearhead. The map quite big and open with subtle undulations. I begin by slowly and cautiously moving the force forward and things go quite by the books at first. My dismounted infantry spots one or two enemy units, UAV + precision artillery or Javelin kills it off.
    Things get pretty crazy fast though, suddenly it seems the whole Russian armoured forces have been amassed against advance. So I decide to sit tight and wait for reinforcements, while at the same time trying to kill off as many tanks as I can using air and artillery support.
    Normally I expect, given the numbers of both friendly and enemy tanks on the map, this scenario to be one big tank duel-fest. However, the Apaches and precision artillery are so good that I never really got to use my huge tank force. The Apaches both expended their 16(?) hell-fire missiles, my UAV fired 2 more and I expended all precision artillery rounds on static targets. This means that most of the action happened on the other way of the map, about 3km from my position without my main force taking active part in the fight. Most of the scenario consisted of waiting for air or artillery support to arrive.
    Things only got hairy twice when two platoons of enemy tanks rushed down my right flank. I finished the scenario with a very "passive" feel. I wonder what your experiences were on this?
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