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  1. hey, i am playing the russian version (1.00) and i was wondering if there is any way to make the game to work in english? including the interface.
  2. Hey all! As some of you might have noticed, i was away for a month or so, and it's all thanks to the IDF which called me for a month long active reserve duty. As some of you know my military proffesion is a tank gunner, so i practiced for the game in the Golan Hightes... all targets were hit! Hope to get a game with you guys soon. Oren_m.
  3. Count me in, what time are we talking about?
  4. Well, just to clear things up, i was a real tank gunner in the army, so my gunnery skills really being put up to the test here. My REAL all time personal record is 6000 m' at full hull target, i hit at the 4'th round.
  5. It seems like i'll be there too! are we still talking about 03:00 UTC?
  6. It sure was a great game, i joined for the last 3 ones and it was pure fun. Lots of arty berrages and armor combat, those heavy MBT's just w'ont die!!
  7. That's great! Do you think you'll get to see the movie somehow?
  8. And yet, the world does not fear that someone in Israel will flip out and starts firing nuke missiles across to europe.
  9. Maybe it's not the world first animated documentary but i'm sure it's the first to be a full length movie.
  10. It also has a great soundtrack! The movie really reminds me some Vietnam related movies due to the anti war messege and the vagueness of it.
  11. This is the name of a new Israeli movie, either you heard about it or not you just have to watch it. The movie is a world first animated- documentry. It is about the memories of a soldier who fought in the Lebanon war during 1982. the movie is very very moving and puts the horrors of war right in your face. The movie will be distrubuted in North America by Fox soon. http://waltzwithbashir.com/
  12. It's great to have us all here back again!!
  13. I'm having this problem while playing multiplayer mode. The game seems to have huge lag for one side (client) while the other (host) plays normaly. I noticed that only in small maps such as "Meeting engagement" it works properly. How do i fix it, or.... how BF would fix it and when? Oren_m
  14. It looks like your computer is about 5+ years old, and is not capble of operating...umm...anything. Moreover, you have an ATI card not Nvidia, which is also very old graphics card.
  15. I got: 2.66 GHz Dual core 2 GB RAM ATI Radeon 2400 HD- Catalyst 8.2 Windows XP
  16. I'm being hijacked!! Stop it! Any answer for me?
  17. No.. i tested it and the crash happens just when someone is shooting, not upon giving the "Target" order.
  18. The 1.07 patch has fixed alot for me but there is a new problem that has come up. Whenever someone starts to fire, vehicle or man, the game crashes. At the buttom line, the game is unplayble again!
  19. It seems that we dont get any answers! Will this problem be resolved with 1.07 patch or ATI users will have to ditch CMSF?
  20. Well, it got out yesterday and i dont see any improvment. Did it helped to anyone in some way?
  21. Hey! ATI users, does someone experiances the same problem as i do? i mean the clicking on a vehicle crash thingy.
  22. Oh well, i'm still having this problem with the vehicles.
  23. I'm having troubles my self understading why i wrote that it's not Paradox... beats me... Anyway, i'm downloading the latest patch (1.06 from 8.2.08) and i hope it will solve the problem.
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