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  1. Give the beta 275.27 drivers a shot, I'm noticing some improvement plus they fixed scaling. In some areas of a map I will still drop to low 20s but these areas are getting smaller and in other areas I'm maxing out at 60 with trees on full.
  2. The consensus being and according to NV CP is that this feature is for DX apps only and that the effect is minor. I tried it out and didn’t see any difference.
  3. I have and that's what is worrying me. Unless I misunderstood the older non-elicense cmbb is having some problems with the input/output files.
  4. There are two versions of the CMBB exe, is the e-license version the more up to date version? Would love to test the input/ouput files to see what is possible and if it works I'll gladly make a new interface (c++).
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