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  1. In the meantime there is always this version http://vimeo.com/31051767
  2. i spent 3 years at York Uni - a degree in politics...and was hill walking in Yorkshire last weekend ... though that doesnt really help matters...
  3. But I don't think we want to get too challenging here. I'm not sure what a Conqueror is myself. [/qb]
  4. I am running windows 98 Have downloaded the new video driver..and did rmove the CMAK already installed, and then reinstalled, but had exactly the same problem. I have the cdv version of CMAK, that contains direct 9.0 and i have installed that (but as above no joy) should i still down load the 9.0b as above ? Could it be the problem that I dont have a sound card driver installed ?
  5. thanx for the advice...so will follow yr advice! no anti virus software installed as yet, but I have also found out that my sound driver is not installed properly (thought it was all a bit quiet) anyhow download fun on a 56k modem for me..!
  6. Have just rebuilt my pc, and due to the old video card falling apart i am now using a Tornado Geforce 2mx400 (2nd hand from a pal) which seem to be part of NVIDA Corporation ... the drivers used are those part of the windows 98 cd I have installed CMAK and have had two windows pop displaying the following info: Error Starting Program The C:\PROGRAM FILES\COMBAT MISSION 3 AFRIKA KORPS\RUN\CM AFRIKA KORPS.EXE FILE appears to be corrupt, Reinstall the file and then try again the second window tells: C:\Program Files\Combat Mission 3 Afrika Korps\Run\CM Afrika Korps.exe Windows cannot run this program because it is in an invalid format I have reinstalled CMAK a 2nd time...but it changed nowt whilst for CMBO, when starting the game up for a while the display flashes up several black screens of differing sizes and resolution then I get asked to accept a screen resolution (cannot remember further details) and then it all goes black... i have since taken off both Antialiasing Settings and Anisotropic filtering.. any pointers where its all going wrong! cheers.. rich
  7. As extra evidence I offer a photo of Monty's own Alamein Grant in the Imperial War Museum. As you can see the muzzle brake version of the howitzer is also much shorter than the CM model. [/QB]
  8. its useful at least for the private emails at work issue, whilst the virus checker is a plus.. is yahoo mail better for PBEM ?
  9. What is the size of the file that is emailed between the players when playing PBEM? Will a hotmail address be ok? (I am being totally lazy here and havent looked at a) the electronic manuel or used the search function on the forums...sorrY! btw the game rocks and close combat hasnt been touched by me for three months...and I look forward to PBEM fun
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