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  1. I use an old version of Gimp (2.6.7) as it seems to work fine for CM bmps and transparencies. Can be done as simply as SELECT> BY COLOUR, then COLOURS> COLOUR TO ALPHA. Then, and this is important in this version of Gimp, FILE> SAVE AS.. (name) and when prompted press SAVE, a box with Advanced Options tree should pop up and make sure 32 bits A8 R8 G8 B8 is the one checked, otherwise it may well not save as 32bit. This will automatically save as a transparent alpha channel. Just one more way of getting round inherent oddities with Gimp!
  2. No worries, Mord and thanks for the heads up over naming UIMask- for me it saved initially from this site with some kind of web address nonsense, but I didn.t make that clear. The light line above the gui is due to a tiny slice of Alpha Channel in the BFC original, there will probably be a workaround but have yet to get to it. Would be very grateful if you kept sharing your ReShade experiences and settings- have messed about it for a long time but never got anything that looked as good as your screenshots! Cheers
  3. Really like this program, but struggled for a while with the impact of strong effects on the GUI panel. To disable effects over the panel you need to edit the UImask.png in Battlefront\Combat Mission Shock Force 2\reshade-shaders\Textures to look like the included image. The black rectangle corresponds to the area you want excluded from shader effect. Very simple, just black white, no alpha channels. Then enable UIMask_Top in the shaders list- and send it to the TOP of the list. (Left click on effect name and choose send to top) Enable UIMask_Bottom and send it to the bottom of the list. This may be old news to lots of folks, but flagging it up because I struggled to get it to work- thought UIMask_Top meant the top half of the screen, etc. Now it seems pretty clueless, but there you go. The important thing is the position of the activated shaders in the on-screen list. Hope that's useful to someone. P.S. To save anyone having to make their own mask- I THINK if you copy the above image it will save as a .png and should serve ok for all CM2 titles. Haven't time just now to check, but see no reason why it shouldn't
  4. Hi Oleksandr, I'm afraid I don't have time to test this thoroughly but I did swap soldier models in CMA, so hope the same principles apply. The helmet model files are in black sea v100a.brz in the data folder They are: (I just ran a search for helmet in the exploded folder) smod_american_helmet-soldier.mdr smod_american_helmet-soldier-lod-1.mdr to smod_american_helmet-soldier-lod-5.mdr ( 1 through 5 levels of detail) smod_ukrainian_helmet-soldier.mdr smod_ukrainian_helmet-soldier-lod-1.mdr to smod_ukrainian_helmet-soldier-lod-5.mdr smod_russian_helmet-soldier.mdr smod_russian_helmet-soldier-lod-1.mdr to smod_russian_helmet-soldier-lod-5.mdr Try renaming the russian to american and vice-versa, and seeing what happens in-game. Might also have to rename the chinstrap models as well. Would be interested to see if it works! Cheers, Bill
  5. Have tried to apply to be a mod author at CMMODS- they have a CMFI mod of mine there, but it was migrated from the old site or the BF repository. As of yet have no reply. So, yes, pm me and let me know what you're interested in.
  6. Hi Marwek, It's my own adaptation of Steppenwulf-UI-mod-v2.0 weapon icons, with minor graphical adaptations and a coloured background. I would be happy to share it if you're interested, but seeing that 90% of it is Steppenwulfs' work I probably ought to ask his permission before I did. The uniforms are a mix of mods from Vein, Stagler and Kiemie, all available on CMMODS, I've just rag-tagged them in my Z folder.
  7. Hi dragonwynn, I made a mod for my own use that eliminates some goggles- i.e. rag-tags helmets. I can put it up on cmmods if you like, with both rag-tag and no goggles options.
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