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  1. 1.)Do the British have different tactics for their forces or are they too similar to US forces not to matter much?

    2.)Do the British ride their IFVs (carriers) into battle until they receive fire or do they dismount prior to battle if they can?

    3.)Are there any web souces, books about British tactics that the grogs or others could recommend?

    4.)Are most tactics today Brute Force? (ie: see enemy, pound him with artillery and missiles) Is there any maneuvering involved?

    5.) Where are the grogs like JasonC who used to love and teach us about the intricacies of tactics and the different nation forces?

    I miss the the old postings of CMx1 days when people talked tactics and how to maneuver different forces. I've tried to read different field manuals and such but most are just filled with extraneous information that doesn't really apply to this or any other simulation.They are also dry and boring. I also like looking at different AARs but most just show or tell how different forces maneuver not the why. I want to know why that squad was set up there and not there. Are they setting up a support by fire position or are they maneuvering to get there? That is the kind of information I crave. There are some great websites out there such as Armchair General but even there in their tactics article there is just so much extraneous info that unfortunately doesn't apply.

    6.) Anybody willing to do such a detailed AAR? Even a small one? And explain why they are doing this or that? Because this is such a great sim I would like to learn such real world tactics as would apply here. Especially the differences (even though small) of the different nations tactics and how they use their available equipment?

    I'm asking a lot ain't I?

    Thanks in advance to all who respond!



    +1 to all of your questions.

    The British Army's tactical doctrine is unfortunately classified. Please see this entry in my blog.

    I've read all I can from the posts in this forum and more information would be really appreciated.

    A bibliography section, as the one BFC posted for CMSF would be great too.


  2. During said peak fighting, how many casualties did the Marines estimate they inflicted on the insurgents? In other words, what was the kill-to-loss ratio?

    Hi Dietrich,

    That's a good point. I'll have to double check, but for sure the insurgents were having heavy losses.

    Slap, thanks for the titles. I will check both out. Cheers.


    Wikileaks has the actual Fallujah report.



    John Kettler


    That's an interesting document! Reading it right now.


  3. I can also recommend "House to House" and "Hard Corps." Very intense, particularly the first, with scenes of climbing through pipes filled with raw sewage to sneak up on insurgents, hand-to-hand combat with foreign fighters and a very frank view of combat.

    Hi Apocal,

    I read "House to House". Really a very good read. As for "Hard Corps", it sounds like a great book. I'm gonna get it this weekend. Thanks!

    Any detailed book about the Battle for Hue City is another good source for reading about Marines in Urban Combat. I wish I could remember one in particular that I checked out at the library I work at.

    Hi Slap,

    If you could recommend me a good title on the Battle for Hue City, I will appreciate it. Thanks in advance.

    And speaking of books, shameless plug to my blog, with a list of titles that may be worth checking out if you are enjoying CMSF-Marines.


  4. For some reason there is an impression out there that modern combat is all about high-tech gizmos, button pushing, leveling entire blocs with guided munitions and so on. I guess that the defense contractors have made a very good job convincing the tax-payers that what they charge for is worth every penny.

    When it comes to fighting insurgencies, there is also a tendency to regard significant casualties of the conventional forces as a rare event, something like a deviation from the norm. I subscribed to this popular wisdom and in the only CMSF scenario featuring insurgents I ever made I punished the Blue player with significant point losses if the player had more than 30% casualties.

    In "We Were One", Patrick O'Donnell has a very detailed account of the actions of a Plt. of Marines during the Battle of Fallujah. These Marines entered Fallujah after the armored formations, with the purpose of cleaning up the insurgents who on purpose remained hidden during the first hours of the assault. These Marines fought block to block with their meager organic weapons, even using bangalores sometimes. To my astonishment, during some peaks of fight they lost one or two guys (injured or killed) every other block.

    I'm totally floored by this book.

  5. I'm no sure about this, but I will give it a shot anyway.:P






    Are a set values that incrementally modify movement vs fire behavior, with MaxAssault stopping to fire every time and Dash not stopping to fire at anything.




    Are a set of values that incrementally modify fire behavior, with Active firing a lot even if the hitting probability is low and Hide firing only when the target is just impossible to miss. Special modifier would be Ambush, but that one is easy to figure out how it works.

    I think that part of the confusion arises from this blurb in the manual (bold is mine):

    Hide-just as it sounds! This instructs the Group to avoid doing anything that might attract attention, such as moving or shooting.

    If that "moving" part in the previous quote is true, the combination of "Dash-Hide" would be very confusing.


  6. I'm testing an scenario I made and I have a Marine squad trying to secure a (sorta) bridge. It's 6 a.m. and enemy combatants are sneaking on the (sorta) bridge with the Marines spotting them on and off. It's being great fun.

    Look how close these two combatants got to my Marines.


    My Marines have the perfect excuse for such lack of situation awareness: they are blinded by the rising sun.


    I'm not trying to make any point in favor or against. I was just playing/testing and this thread came to my mind. Thought I could share these pics. Happy Thanksgiving!

  7. I think I didn't explain myself very well.

    I'm more or less satisfied with the things the engine can do in terms of orders, types of movement, etc. Not that I wouldn't be jumping in joy if we would get "peeking around corners" for example. Overall, no game killers there for me.

    But in the spirit of "limitations that seriously hinder game tactics and realism" (as per the first post) I think that in the single player experience suffers terribly in both grounds because the before mentioned limitations of the TacAI.


  8. If you go MOUT with UNCON fighters on your team, you have another bunch of disadvantages to face.

    FWIW, in real life firefights UNCONS usually get killed in droves.

    While the game mechanics are the same for both Blue and Red, Blue just never seems to really suffer that much. They can do everthing with Firepower from their Strykers, superior equipment (Javelin, NVGs, Body Armor...) and flexible force structure. The Red side has a few things they could in reality certainly do (dig/hide foxholes, scale walls, crawl trough windows, sneak around town...), but can't in game.

    IMHO, as somebody said before the best way of playing red is with an ambush mentality. All blue's advantages are negated when they have very little to target and forced to split forces.

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