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  1. Hello. Sorry if this is a topic already discussed. I did try to search but failed. I did play the first version of Combat Mission years ago (all three(?) of them). Now I thought I'd try the new version since I've got a computer capable of running it. I downloaded the demo for CM Battle for Normandy and have played a training mission for some time now to decide if I should buy the full games(s). My concern is fire discipline. I try to position units in favorable positions to establish fire bases, and what we in sweden call UFA (starting point point for assault). Scout teams are de
  2. A dream would be to get my hands on the source code. Not possible but anyway. I think there is some stuff that could be done without changing any graphics or models. Don't know how well wrtitten it was but I would like to try to merge the battle animations into one complete set that could be played from start to finish. I would like to play test scenarios with all units shown but with the AI thinking it's full fog of war. I would like to have a better way of indication of visible areas on the map from a unit during setup. But at least knowing the format of the scenariofiles would be a
  3. This might be a stupid question, but how do you define the Weeks in your rules? and how does it relate to Month and Days? To be specific - in June there are 30 days Should the 29th and 30th of June be week 5 of June or Week 1 of July? The campaign starts at 22th of June, 1941. That's week 4 day 1, June. Increment 7 days and you end up with Week 1, day 1, July - but the actual date is 29th of June. ????
  4. I understand this (and respect it). It just would be nice to be able to generate/read the unit-lists for (external) campaign generators. Terrain is of no use for me right now. Well, probably have to settle for the current state of affairs and manually enter stuff as described by Biltong's Campaign Rules. A pitty.
  5. Was looking at Biltongs rules. Struck me that if I knew the format of the scenario files I could write a complete program generating "campaigns" (according to Biltongs rules) almost automagically. Reverse engineering of the files isn't ok so I'll refrain from this. Anybody having anything encouraging about this. Is there any chance that one could get a description of the save-format?
  6. Hi. My first post. Why isn't there (or is it?) any way to have a complete recording of an entire battle and replay it in CMBB/CMBO? I think this would be such a cool feature. It ought to be possible to "save" a game in its finished form for posting/uploading so we can watch battles after they have been played, just like the movies.
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