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  1. I"m not trying to associate with you. I'm trying to erradicate you and all like you. Your rude, condescending and everything else that makes humanity insufferable. you sad sad windbag who likes the look of his own posts. You make me sad for you. Some think your bright, but I really think your deficient in some way because you can't see the value of treating other people civilly. Your email to me was condescending at best. Im unacostomed to being spoken to that way unless I'm being compensated monetarily. Are you willing to pay me to be your friend ... you ****ing condescen
  2. Jason, you insufferable windbag. Nevermind, Dave (the gentleman) has assisted me. you insufferable windbag, JC.
  3. Jason, you insufferable windbag!!! oops ... wrong thread.
  4. Me. Scheduled solidly for tomorrow. I'm tired and cranky tonight.
  5. Setups sent though we've yet to proceed from there. Don't fear though, I'm certain we'll finish with the others.
  6. Thanks Holien. It's all sorted now thanks to your suggestion to me in your email to use a Capitol letter. hehe, silly me. Set up sent back to MrSpkr.
  7. I could take Sandy today at his convienence if he still needs an opponent. I'm only reluctant to deny another player a game.
  8. I'm unable to get into my game (#7) with MrSpkr. My password does not work. I've sent an email to Holien for assistence. I'm happy to be able to participate. I thought I was in reserve. =)
  9. I know Jason. I had a little too much to drink last night and sometimes I come here and spam rather than go out and drive. Tcip is ideal for this situation. You have no argument from me there. I'm glad we're all pulling it off so far. =)
  10. tcip is annoying at best. Anyone that disagrees can kiss my ass.
  11. Dave and I just finished up the 2nd battle wich was 1km West. As long as nobody is left out I'm available for another if anybody is unable to play due to scheduling problems etc. I really enjoyed it. Thanks Dave.
  12. Actually, I'd probably never have the opportunity to do that because I'm on the German side. We do differ in our opinion of it being a bug or not but I can easily ensure that it won't happen by my hand in your campaign. I just figured if it was a bug it would have been fixed by v1.03.
  13. Yeah, I'd like to know what you mean too. I'm hoping your not referring to having a gun on a slight reverse slope ... with or without a trench. FYI, I've yet to hear from anybody on the Soviet side about a game although I sent out a general email.
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