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  1. I believe this does mean you knocked the gun out. It's a bug which it is very easy to take gamey advantage of...
  2. I assume this is this means the RAF Museum in Hendon? I went last month, there are some very rare aircraft there, including pretty much every British WWII aircraft you can think of (right to stuff like a Defiant!) a Ju-87, Ju-88 nightfighter, Me-109, Me-110... imho, versus Duxford, it wins except for the American collection, and of course the land warfare hall. Martin
  3. Carrier doesn't just mean Bren Carrier, there's also the larger Loyd Carrier which was mostly used as a gun tractor iirc. I don't think that's in the game though. The IWM Duxford has one, along with a Quad and LARGE trucks for towing heavier guns.
  4. Saves me checking MZO to see if you have an update posted, so yes. Martin
  5. Well in CMBB you have the T-34/85, SU-100, IS-2, ISU-122... Airpower is fine until you turn up with bad weather? Though in that case there's a positive advantage to being armour-light: no targets for friendly fire!
  6. Good going 105Pack! I just tried a QB with AI playing your Dads selection. I took British infantry: Infantry Company Engineer Platoon 3 x 6pdr 2 x Sharpshooter 4 x PIAT (giving 7 total) The map (on medium trees) turned out very open compared to typical scenario maps. The flag was at a fairly open hill position (also bad). I thought this was going to go horribly. In the end I failed to use the 6pdrs effectively, should have taken an eggshell-with-hammer AFV to use late, or jeeps/trucks to try to move the guns faster into a better position. Maybe a single 17pdr into the best posit
  7. Go asymmetric! You can't match the big nasty cats head to head, so don't even try. Go for at an infantry division type and take at least a company of infantry. Maybe another one, or a platoon or 2 of engineers (demo charges do a number on tanks). You'll already have PIATs with the company, get a few more, some 6pdrs, and snipers to try to take out the tank commanders. Once the TC is gone it is easier to get close... Cover will be your friend, but take a mortar spotter in case so you can lay down smoke to get across a kill zone. Better still try to convince your dad to go with scenarios, mor
  8. I talked to a reenactor about the OT-610 (ersatz 251) last summer. He said a halftrack is much easier to steer in a straight line than a full tracked vehicle because you naturally trim the wheels. With a full track, especially with a primitive gearbox you'll always be tweaking it a bit this way a bit that way.
  9. "Those are precisely the advantages of the 37 antitank weapon" came a clipped voice "those are precisely the advantages... mobility... mobility..." "and no louder than a knock at the door", laughed an equally clipped voice. (from The Train Was On Time - Heinrich Boell)
  10. The german cross in gold is referred to as a "fried egg" in Das Boot. I suppose this is probably real slang given the authors history.
  11. I went a week ago, got lucky and there was both a Spitfire and Hurricane in the air. The LWH is pretty good, especially for guns. The downside is not much in the way of panzers. Martin
  12. That would be "once these procedures were worked out by the Fleet Air Arm"? Martin
  13. While I agree with Jason Cs approach, and would work along those lines when/if I ever decide to play human opponents taking flags is useful to goad the AI. The AI will launch a counterattack when a flag is taken and with a little forethought this can be used to great advantage. Martin
  14. How far would crews go if they leave a gun though? Given CM infantry positions are vague within at least 20m then Taking Cover and Hide could simulate this to some extent?
  15. By Germans I presume you mean the Heer? IIRC the SS commonly commissioned NCOs? Martin
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