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  1. The third Road to Nijmegen scenario about XXX Corps breakout is fantastic. Amazing how one scenario shows the limitations of the Market-Garden plan. Armor gets punctured on the highway and the infantry has to push forward. It's also thought provoking that my little pixel troopers just refuse to move forward and you realize what it must have taken to get up and advance in real life.

    PS....that my troops wouldn't advance probably had something to do with the obviously sight impaired R.A.F. bloke who repeatedly strafe the men as they tried to move forward and than just for good measure dropped one hell of a bomb right in the middle of a mass of them as the struggled forward.

  2. I am currently trying to play a PBEM game on what seems to be a very small map with very few units. Normally I have no problems, even with larger scenarios yet this particular scenario continues to freeze up at the password screen before I can even put in my password. Does this sound like something that would happen with an out of memory error? The scenario designer says there are lots of flavor objects on the map and that may cause oom. I am playing on a laptop with an integrated chip, but I have never seen this problem before. Would too many flavor objects on a small map have that much effect?

  3. So I have a Panther sitting in the middle of the road when it spots the crew of a brewed up American vehicle. Here's the problem, instead of ripping away with its machine gun, the Panther repeatedly fired its main gun. Would they really blast away with their main gun at just a couple of guys running away?

  4. Afaik, you place the fortifications on the map in the 3d map preview. When you first purchase them and go into the preview they are on the map. Then you move them around in there. They stay where you put them. Two problems..... first with the bunkers I didn't see any way to purchase them singularly. You get a combination of concrete and wooden bunkers which would be out of place. Second, is there a sandbag wall fortification? You might need a mod of the low stone wall to make it into sandbags.

  5. The allies will obviously be infantry with engineers and have arty support. DD tanks didn't make it to Omaha afaik. Then after a set period of time the 2nd wave will follow and then another wave. Their objective will be to exit the beach and mop up all resistance beyond the cliff top and then to exit at the rear of the map.


    According to Osprey's Campaign Series D-Day Volume 1 Omaha Beach

    "Four companies of DD tanks were supposed to be launched.......swim the 5,000 yards to shore by H-Hour-0630hrs. The naval officer in charge of the ......DD tanks of the 743rd Tank Battalion.....reached agreement with the tank commander to land the tanks directly onto the beach. The LCT's landed the DD tanks on Dog Green and Dog Red beaches starting at 0629hrs. Company B, coming into the beach at the Vierville draw(Exit D-1), came under heavy anti-tank gunfire...... Company A with the normal M4 tanks with wading trunks landed about the same time, so that 40 out of 48 tanks made it to shore.

    The situation to the west was much worse. The two captains from the 741st Tank Battalion outranked the senior naval officers and insisted that the DD tanks be launched as ordered 5000 yards offshore.... The DD tanks immediately encountered problems on entering the water.....wind and sea conditions sank all but two from Co. B......LCT-600 decided to drop the remaining three on the beach. As a result of the 32 DD tanks of the 741st Tank Battalion only five made it to shore on Easy Red Beach.....Following the two doomed companies of DD tanks was Co. A with M4A1 tanks with wading trunks..... only 18 of it 48 tanks reached shore and three were knocked out by anti-tank guns almost immediately. In spite of their losses, the tanks attempted to carry out their mission and began engaging various bunkers and defensive works."

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