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  1. Heh, I recently played this a few times as the french against the (german) AI. you can dislodge the germans from the hill by carefully targeting each floor with a supporting tank and advancing with the reserves you get from behind. Also you can target some of the buildings on the hill from the wood below

    I managed to kick the germans out of the town, but getting all the objectives, nope, too difficult.

  2. On 5/2/2019 at 5:45 PM, DerKommissar said:

    Wow, great post.

    I'm no art critic -- but I think his paintings should have qualified him for admission. He obviously has talent, and would have benefited much from Art School. I had a statistics teacher (who was Jewish) in high school. He said that there was nothing more dangerous than an uneducated philosopher and that Hitler was an uneducated philosopher. Which begs the question: if he had post-secondary education, would he still birth Nazism?

    The ideology was well established before Hitler joined, so Nazism would have been a political factor in any case. Wheteher they could have taken over Germany without him, who knows?

  3. On 4/4/2019 at 7:28 AM, Aragorn2002 said:

    But as always Russia is lying about the facts, isn't it?


    And there's also this to consider.


    "This should come as a relief for Europe and for NATO,” said Siemon Wezeman, a senior researcher with SIPRI. “But of course, budget and intentions are distinct. Russia is still strong enough to make a mess out of things.”

    And we know you guys usualy do. So yes, let's do the math, but let's do it properly.

    Fair enough. Budget and intentions is true for all sides. For fun´s sake (before this thread is locked) imagine Europe actually integrating its armies and actually spending 2% of GDP but not on US arms.



  4. 36 minutes ago, cool breeze said:

    But wouldn't a big tree have substantially more inches of wood to penetrate ( and much stronger via thickness and wetness) than 4 wooden buildings? Not wooden buildings and my argument probably falls on its face.

    For one, even in 1944/45 practically all forests in europe were managed, so trees never got that big.

    For two if all forests are made up of giant redwoods in CM, they should be depicted that way. We can expect that from a simulation that also happens to be a game :)

  5. My main issue with the current action spot size is the  location of the action spot relative to terrain objects.


    a ) Between hedges, walls etc. the troops are magically dragged to one side of the road


    b ) Troops can´t fire through hedges because the action spot doesn´t let them deploy up against the hedge


    c ) Area fire is unusable because you can´t aim at unspotted troops if they don´t happen to be right in the middle of an action spot. Of course you can say that is against the intent of area fire, but how do you resolve this fairly common situation: vehicle1 can spot enemy, vehicle2 can´t spot enemy but has LOF to said enemy. commander of vehicle1 radios commander of vehicle2: there is an enemy unit at the end of the graveyard wall. in the UI, vehicle2 has a ghost enemy symbol in the right spot, but area fire will almost certainly not be on target.

  6. Edited to add: 2m x 2m action spots. Right now it's 64m^2. If it were 4m^2, that'd be a 16x increase in action spots. That means a 16 x 16 increase in action spot checking... That pre-game load screen? If it takes 2 minutes now, it'd take 32 minutes (AERTS). Ditto turns. Etc.



    True, but the system is unchanged since CMSF. Two PC generations later might allow for 6x6m or 4x4 m without too much speed sacrifice?

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