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  1. All I know is, the scenario 'Duel in the Mist' is still floating around, and is still one of the most fun times I've had playing Combat Mission.
  2. Having played Combat Mission since 2003, I can definitively state the game did NOT, in fact, "work perfectly" for "around 10 years or so". In fact, it has been common knowledge the AI is incapable of launching any type of complex attack ever since Shock Force first came out. Here's an example of what the AI looks like while it's attacking: In fact, one of the earliest criticisms of Shock Force was that for a title that emphasized MOUT combat, the game engine itself seemed almost incapable of simulating combat in MOUT conditions. You ever wo
  3. We are now on the losing track. Perhaps I was too humane in the last mission.
  4. They are the ones who see a single snarky sentence buried within an entire post, and think the existence of said snark invalidates the poster's very existence. (I.E. heat even a single degree above the freezing point will cause them to melt and run all over the place, soaking everything.)
  5. Oh please. "god forbid i play scenarios where i push 2 or 3 companys through urban space." You mean like this one? You do not seem to understand my point, so I'll make it clear as day: YOUR TROOPS WILL FLOW THROUGH A CITY LIKE WATER IF YOU BREAK THEM INTO SMALL TEAMS. Nice to know someone around here seems to comprehend my posts. I do occasionally get the feeling I am screaming into the vacuum of deep space. Thank you. I work sixty hours a week doing a mostly thankless job and that results in my overuse of sarcasm to blow off steam. P
  6. That's what happens when you ride the brakes like an old grand-lady. I spent a whole day looking at 'lost anchor chain' videos and such on YouTube. Lots of fun. There's also 'The Gallery of Transport Loss' over here: http://www.cargolaw.com/gallery.html You can get your shipwreck itch scratched, sadly the website hasn't been updated since December 2012, but everything should still work. Here's an example video from the final entry. Happy hunting.
  7. If hurdling means, "I'm going to put one arm down and kick my legs over the side," which I am reasonably certain it doesn't. Then again, it has been a few years since I've seen a track and field event. There's only one problem with your hypothesis however: Walls and Fences CAN be hurdled, windows CANNOT. You can, in fact, CLIMB through a window, but usually only with some difficulty, which becomes magnified when attempting to do it with 60-80 pounds of gear. I suppose Battlefront could invest time in making an animation of two soldiers using their hands and shoulders to help a third climb
  8. And as far as I'm concerned, here's a textbook example. Every single squad is split into teams, and every single soldier went where I told them to go. No one bunched up, there were no traffic jams, and placing a waypoint in front of a door before entry leads to only about a five second pause for a four-man team. If that's just too unbearable for your grand battle plan that's timed across an entire infantry battalion down to the microsecond, then buddy, you've got more problems than I can reasonably address.
  9. The "traffic jam" was a feature of the game BEFORE version 4, and was FIXED in version 4 by the new infantry behavior; I.E. Infantry no longer "bunch up", "move in single file lines everywhere", and "respect each other's space". This problem is not nearly as large as people are making it out to be, mostly because people would rather have their squads all run around together instead of splitting them into teams at the sharp edge of the attack. A four-man fire team is rarely a critical puzzle piece, and a four man fire team rarely tries to run around a building in order to enter i
  10. My rule of thumb is to move 'Quick' unless there's some compelling reason to do anything else. I'll often find myself changing other speeds back to 'Quick' while muttering to myself, "There's no reason I can't move quickly, vehicles don't get tired."
  11. I meant within context of this video game, of course.
  12. Now, I began my attack by area targeting all buildings on the leading edge of the village. Not all of them were occupied, but some of them were, and when those enemies got flushed into the open, that allowed my troops to open fire on them. This basically kicked off the general melee that carried my assault through the town and out the other side. Any positions occupied by the enemy were flattened by direct fire HE, and any enemy ambushes were dealt with overwhelming fire. The initial push into the town resulted in the large part of an enemy platoon KIA at a cost of maybe five guys on my side.
  13. And here I thought I was the only one who did that. Whenever we took family trips when I was a kid, I was always staring fixedly out the window as we drove along. My parents thought I was some kind of nature buff, but what I really saw in my mind's eye was tanks rolling across fields in the midst of an artillery barrage. ...Nice.
  14. I recall the night sky was actually applied backwards, and no one noticed. When I saw Ursa Minor circling Polaris in the southern sky, I sighed heavily, and then kept playing 'From the Dawn to the Setting Sun'. Oh well, you can't have everything.
  15. You must have gotten lucky, because every linear barrage I plot falls randomly along the entire line, no matter how many tubes I use. The best rolling barrage I've made is using sequential pre-planned linear barrages, spaced a couple hundred meters apart, and set to start immediately, followed by the standard delays at five, ten, and fifteen minutes. You can cover quite a bit of area, and having the five minute timing allows you five minutes to move into each beaten zone and clear it before the next zone ceases fire. It's not a literal "walking barrage" like you would have in WW1,
  16. Sadly, I don't think I could play this. Much the same as the TOC scenario, I don't think I could muscle through a scenario with an average of nine frames per second. It does look freaking amazing though.
  17. I wish more people would realize this. I've played both series of games, and quickly come to the realization that trying to judge them against each other is impossible. They are both two different games, built along different designs, for different purposes, with different simulation, and completely different gameplay. But hey, if you want to spend your life arguing between apples and baked potatoes, go right ahead.
  18. The video shows two two-man teams in two adjacent action spots, which is completely normal. (Thanks domfluff) One thing I have noticed with some frequency is the old "separated man bug" has come back with a vengeance, most likely related to the new "corner peeking" behavior, as when the team moves out while one man is busy crawling to a corner to peek around it, and he gets left behind while the rest of the team moves to a new location. This is now happening so often I notice it every single time I play the game, where it used to happen maybe once per scenario.
  19. Use Fast only if you want your guys to prioritize 'getting there ASAP' over things like spotting, or using their weapons.
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