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  1. Sounds interesting. I'll try this after update.
  2. Maybe if you posted some screenshots of what you're trying to do we could then see the context. It's hard to talk about tactics with nothing but text on the screen. Here's an example of a Stryker infantry attack on an enemy occupied village. I used a dismounted platoon to probe towards a defilade terrain feature short of the town, rushed my vehicles into it, dismounted my troops, and launched an all-out assault. This came after about twenty minutes of recon and supporting fires to destroy identified enemy positions and vehicles. The total amount of distance covered during the assault
  3. Same here. The only major casualties I suffer are when gunners unbutton to reload a weapon, or use a pintle-mounted weapon. When buttoned up, no infantry attempt to shoot from the air defense hatches. CMSF1 had this issue in spades, to the point I eventually stopped transporting infantry by strykers anywhere within 400 meters of enemy positions. I think the behavior you are seeing is a result of transport far too close to enemy positions, that the infantry riding in the vehicle actually feels the need to poke their heads out and shoot to protect the vehicle. I sup
  4. They did, which is how we got the trenches and foxholes we have right now.
  5. So I take it you're one of the people in the "foxholes should make infantry immune to cannon fire" camp. Feel free to start a thread and hash out the issue, but cherry-picking my statements won't help you. Here's the missing context you decided to leave out: Moot point. It's still not borg spotting though. It's all down to the player. CMx1 had borg spotting, where if even one unit could see the enemy, then all units magically became aware of their position, and all units with LOS and LOF could engage said unit with zero delay. That's what borg-spotting is. Play
  6. The only way that debate will end is if instead of a generic "foxhole" we can pick and choose what type of foxhole is being used.
  7. Let me try to muster up some surprise. ... ... Nope. Got nothing. That would be nice.
  8. Most likely what we lose in translation is the day-to-day attrition suffered by the pixeltruppen when they're NOT engaging in the 45 minute scenario being played. When the scenario briefing specifies you have the support of a tank platoon, but when you load the scenario you only have three tanks on the field, one can safely assume the 4th tank got it's main gun sight shot out and is having it replaced, or some other such attrition.
  9. 45mm AT guns, and AT Rifles are not hand grenades, nor are they "close range" weapons. The complaint being addressed is Infantry close assaulting tanks within hand grenade or bazooka range, or the lack of ability thereof. If the enemy rolls up with a Tiger tank accompanied by infantry, and all you have to fight it is a grenade bundle or a bazooka, you might as well ceasefire. Maybe if you read my entire post you wouldn't have missed my clarifying statement.
  10. Quite a few, but not as many as I would like, sadly. Welcome to the forums.
  11. In reality, Dick Johnson huddled in his foxhole was protected from the evil Steel Elephants because he was huddled in his foxhole, and the enemy had no way of knowing Dick Johnson was in his foxhole. The enemy infantry closing in on his foxhole, on the other hand, are equipped with mortars, machineguns, and grenades which make Dick Johnson's life very short indeed. However, if Dick Johnson decides to poke his head and weapon out to fire upon these closing enemy infantry, then the evil Steel Elephants can spray him quite liberally with bullets and shells. This is why tanks and infantry are mean
  12. *spits just sipped coffee all over computer monitor*
  13. We're on the losing track of the campaign now, so I can't afford to be as frugal as I once was. Any battle loss now will kick us out of the campaign, so if I must trade some bodies for victory, so be it. Here's my current list: Aris US Gear for Vehicles Juju's TRP's and UI Mord's War Ravaged Faces Rambler's Weapon Skins z1812's US Camo Uniforms GI Joe Mod Web Gear Umlaut's Camoflage Defensive Works Kieme's Ploughed Field Bil's Hex Markers StikkyPixie's Subdued Icons TFO's Silly Hats Mord's Immersive American Voices HQS Sound Mod by Waclaw T
  14. This definitely was the worst battle in terms of casualties so far. I lost four men killed to a minefield I had been warned about, but ignored. I lost five men to an infantry gun that fired through a house in what I reported as a bug. I lost the remaining fifteen or so due to normal battlefield wastage. The mission presented was simple in planning and execution, it merely required me to bash my head against a brick wall until it broke. One thing that surprised me in general was the fact I didn't get the enemy to surrender until they only had about eleven guys left. They pu
  15. This infantry gun just fired right through a building as if it wasn't there. Here's the proof. The puff of smoke farther to the right of the distant target is where the shots actually landed. Save game is here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/t2tm3grvg0nx8nm/Infantry%20Gun%20Bug.bts?dl=0
  16. As my dad always says: "There's always one *sshole who ruins things for the rest of us."
  17. Sorry I've been away, but Santa doesn't deliver Christmas, I do. 😁 Normal service will resume shortly.
  18. Add me to that list. It was the most fun I ever had playing CMx1.
  19. Did you sign up for download only, or are you waiting for a disk? You may want to consult the helpdesk.
  20. Man, that sucks. I'll send you some good vibes. No worries, use either one.
  21. Well, I checked my email twenty minutes ago and found a very interesting email, from Battlefront no less. So yeah, not necessary.
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