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  1. Before there's more discussion about how old the movie cast is, look at this man one more time and tell me what you see. I mean really look at him. Do you see a 20 year old man? Do you see a man who would jump on someone and stab their eyeballs out in order to go home? It's been commonly stated that prolonged exposure to combat has the tendency to turn young boys into old men. In the movie, the crew of Fury landed in North Africa in 1942. It is now 1945, and they have seen the worst of the war. I was especially affected when they sat down at the dinner table in the German girls apa
  2. What exactly are you trying to accomplish here?

    1. Weer


      Just trolling

    2. General Jack Ripper

      General Jack Ripper

      Oh, okay. I was just curious.

  3. Part 14 has now been posted. With the end of this part, we have now finished the Les Licornets battle. I am truly glad of that because Les Licornets has caused more pain and anguish than one would think just by looking at the map. While the map looked like a bunch of wide open fields, most of them had no LOS from one end to the other. The only real workable tactic one could use was to fling men across the field and hope they stick. I have a phobia about being caught under an artillery barrage, which leads me to keep pressing forward as fast as possible. That way, if the enemy does call indir
  4. The Road to Montebourg Part 13 is now up for viewing. I titled this part "The Red Mist Descends" for a reason which will become obvious near the end of the video.
  5. I know it's been 2 weeks since an update, and I apologize for the parts that were under my control. Anyway, Les Licornets 3 "Major Blunders" is now posted here. I hope you enjoy this next piece, and I'll have more posted some time this weekend.
  6. I managed to recover my CMMods account and post the updated mod there. NOW GO FETCH!
  7. Les Licornets Part 2 This segment contains the advance to the next bocage line, and contact with the first real German forces. This was my first experience with some new soldier behavior from the game engine updates. The new machinegun rates of fire came as a surprise, and I had to take steps to conserve ammunition almost immediately. This segment also has my first casualty, resulting from a dumb mistake on my part.
  8. There is nothing wrong with your ears. The sound mod you are hearing is my own personal sound mod. Day of Defeat Sound Mod. I'm trying to upload an updated mod with the latest working sounds, but the repository won't seem to accept my updated file. I might have to delete the mod and repost the whole thing.
  9. Les Licornets - Part 1 - "A New Plan?" I have finished recording all of the gameplay from "Les Licornets". The total length of video is over 3 hours, so either I will end up cutting some out, or posting all of it in a series of bite size chunks. Les Licornets is by far the toughest battle I have fought yet. The total casualties came in higher than the "Hamburger Hameau". The only consolation I can take away is that I inflicted many more casualties than I received. A quick note on this segment: I really need to re-think my approach to using artillery. I tend to either use not enough, o
  10. Okay, some creative discovery has led me to know that all I need to do is advance to the next battle, and all the textures will be fine. I was freaking out a bit, I didn't know if I would have had to start the whole campaign over again.
  11. I don't have a mac. It's a saved game problem, not a general problem. I started a new scenario and everything works fine. Are pre 2.0 and 3.0 upgrade save files still compatible with the new version?
  12. I'm having a problem now. I just upgraded my CMBN with the MG+2.0 and 3.0 upgrades. I thought my save file would be okay, but when I loaded it, all of the soldier textures were messed up (all of my US airborne now have German uniforms and weird swirly helmet textures). Everything seems to be okay aside from the textures so my question is, if I finish playing through the current battle, will all of the textures go back to normal for the next one? Or is my save file no longer usable?
  13. Thank you very much for the comments, I'm glad to hear my work is appreciated. I am still running the old-fashioned CMBN+CW v1.11 I haven't yet purchased the 2.0 Upgrade. I'll be buying that with the Market Garden Module next week (hopefully). Part 10 is in the works, there has been a delay thanks to me recently buying Destiny to keep my Xbox Live buddies happy. I thought World of Tanks was good enough, but Xbox Live is like a kindergarten playground, and no I won't explain my analogy. I'm probably going to start recording a campaign from CMSF, I figure I'll play the Canadians. Being
  14. I tried to make a commentary video showing the tactical plan I came up with for Les Licornets. Please let me know if the voice quality is grating, I will attempt to fix errors in recording quality but if there are no positive results, I will give up attempting to commentate. I can't believe I just used that word off the top of my head! It's amazing how the vocabulary manifests itself from time to time! Oh it really is 1am and I need to sleep! My internet was shut down for three weeks, apparently bills are supposed to be paid within two months of their arrival in the mailbox. Personally I thin
  15. Part - 8 - Turnbull's Stand Here it is, one day early, and one hour long. So grab some beer, and a snack, and get comfortable.
  16. Part - 7 - "Hamburger Hameau" To make up for losing time last Saturday, I made a double-length video covering the rest of the battle for Le Hameau. I'm hoping to start up Turnbull's Stand on Friday.
  17. Part 6 - "Not ANOTHER Hameau!" <- Will be available after uploading and processing. My Saturday got chopped in half, so this video is shorter than usual. Thank you for the comments, the one thing video makers want to hear is that someone is getting some value out of the work, that's what motivates me to keep going. I had thought about doing live commentary on my videos, in the manner of Ithikial, however my voice sounds especially strange when heard through a computer system. I figured I would spare sensitive ears, and provide captions that can be read, or ignored, easily. I'm defi
  18. The Road to Montebourg is back, with I will NOT be finishing "Echoville" because I had to start again from a new save file, and if you had done everything up to 'Waiting for Artillery' correctly the attack on the town lasted less than 5 minutes. Basically things were over so fast it would have made a crappy video. However, there will be a two part video with the attack on Le Grand Hameau, and then we will be moving on from there. Greetings!
  19. I must apologise, my computer problems I thought were temporary are actually permanent. There won't be any more videos for a while until I get a new one.
  20. The Road to Montebourg - Part 3 - Waiting for Artillery Fox Company tightens the noose on Echoville.
  21. I'll try to put out a video at least once a week, maybe twice a week. In spite of all my hoorah, I usually play CM only a couple hours a week now. I'm splitting my time between six different games at the moment.
  22. I'm playing on Warrior. No, I stopped them short of the "Suspected Minefield" where they come to a stop at the dirt road, then I used [sLOW] to cross the minefield, then [QUICK] from the edge of the field into the trenches. Actually no, I use [MOVE] anytime I am not immediately expecting enemy action, and if time is not a factor. [QUICK] and [HUNT] both cause your men to get tired at a more rapid pace than [MOVE]. It's a matter of personal preference I guess, I prefer to let my troops move more slowly, rather than moving quickly, and then standing still for a while. When you
  23. No, it's the original campaign that came with the game, not the modified one on the repository.
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