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  1. Yeah. And? Throw us a bone here Steve! Where are my neon colored laser-based space crustaceans? Sheesh, it's like you care nothing for your real customers.
  2. I see you like to risk those longer ranged shots. My understanding is that if the tank fills your entire sight picture, then it's impossible to miss. Like the side of a barn.
  3. It wouldn't even need to be a full title, a forces expansion pack added to the top of Red Thunder or Final Blitzkrieg (basically just porting some OOB's and equipment from one title to the other), to allow scenario designers to make hypothetical scenarios would be welcome.
  4. You are not supposed to get shot in the side on purpose. Gotcha. The Sherman was designed with an armor basis intended to be immune to the 37mm PaK38 AT gun from all possible aspects (that being the standard issue German at gun in 1941 when the tank was designed). The side armor is thick enough to achieve this design specification without needing to be sloped in order to meet it's overall weight requirements. Later versions of the Sherman had reinforcing armor pieces welded over the ammo storage in the hull side, but generally speaking, you want that internal volume when
  5. If it's not a footrace, then the speed of movement has no correlation to success. Maybe you should play more capable opponents, or maybe your opponent shouldn't be moving his infantry in an easily viewable fashion. Either way, using the Move command is not an indicator of failure. You've got some strange sticking points.
  6. Now, to the topic at hand. I think a game focusing on the Africa Korps would be really nice. Yep, that's about it.
  7. It has been mentioned, occasionally, that the British would have lost the Battle of Britain without American aviation fuel. One thing to remember is that the United States was the single largest producer of petroleum products in the world during WW2 by a HUGE (we're talking something along the lines of five or six to one) margin, and the largest producer of refined petroleum products as well, especially aviation fuel, gasoline, diesel, bunker oil, etc. If oil was the most important operational resource, then being on America's side was the single best guarantee of operation
  8. If you Move directly into unexpected enemy contact you deserve to get ambushed. You're not supposed to leave move waypoints going across danger areas. You move to that last safe terrain feature your lead scout already cleared. The idea is to prevent fatigue while moving long distance, Move is not a general purpose command. There are no general-purpose movement commands. Yes, but you're not expecting contact with all your units at all times. Hunt is for your lead scout, and maybe your leading squad. The complaint registered is that Hunt causes excessive fatigue. My answ
  9. You can actually use runners in this game. Detach a team possessing some C2 information you want to pass along, and move it into close proximity to a unit you want to have it, or a unit equipped with a radio. The information will then be shared. @MOS:96B2P Made a thread about C2 and information sharing some time ago.
  10. Generally speaking you either have one or the other available, I can't recall any unit or weapon equipped with both simultaneously aside from the little Brit knee mortar, and it always seems to use WP first, then Smoke. In the case of tanks, using the Pop Smoke command will throw smoke grenades of some description, while using the Target Smoke command will shoot their WP rounds if they have them. The availability of WP changes depending on the date, for example in early Battle for Normandy it's quite rare, but in Final Blitzkrieg almost every vehicle has some. Not always.
  11. Yes, they are much better at spotting mines, and are also much less susceptible to actually stepping on them too. In fact, you should avoid any suspected minefields unless you have actual engineers along. Don't let your grunts anywhere near those complicated mechanical devices. They'll just hurt themselves. My preferred method is to use short Move commands into an action spot close to the suspected minefield, then move 1 spot at a time with a ten second pause at each spot. Once you've located a minefield, immediately order halt, then Mark Mines. While your guys are marking the mines, they
  12. Personally I think the added fatigue using Hunt is intended to force the player to use it less than they otherwise would, because if it was less fatiguing than everyone would just use Hunt all the time. That works fine for the lead unit, but all your following units not in contact can simply use Move instead. It saves a lot of time, hassle, and keeps your guys fresh for when they need to dash into action. I use Hunt on my lead scout, the next fire team uses short Quick moves to keep in contact alternately moving and covering the lead team. The following squads will just use Move
  13. According the Eugene Sledge's book With the Old Breed, Marines supplied their troops according to units of fire. So you could imagine the paratroops jumping into Normandy, being expected to fight for several days without resupply, would carry ammunition commensurate with expected amounts of use. The numbers do seem appropriate.
  14. I did. Maybe you should read and understand my posts before criticizing them.
  15. Uh huh. But calling it borg-spotting doesn't mean it's borg spotting. This is not borg spotting. This is gamey behavior by the player, it is not borg spotting. I agree, but that doesn't necessarily mean tanks are overpowered. Like I said, we can have a discussion about the lack of variety of fortifications, but that has nothing to do with tanks. My "moot point" argument is in relation to the capability of foxholes, not the use of tanks, or the ability of the player to engage in tactical play. What are you even trying to point out here? Can you
  16. I hereby approve this image. I can only imagine the streams of tracers and crescendo of gunfire. The cracking of the cannon and thump of the high explosives. Isn't it glorious?
  17. When I played Gog and Magog I did the same thing. Works well. Here's one: Get in there and win this darn thing!
  18. Man, remember when YouTube had video responses? That was cool.
  19. +1 Other than that, I'd say the moment your arty stops falling, send in your infantry. Have you chosen your debarkation point and approach route? Also, my rule of thumb when using vehicles: If there's no reason NOT to move fast, then move fast. Good luck.
  20. If it was me, I would have spent those 20 minutes using Target Briefly with two of my King Tigers on random buildings. 20 buildings in town, 20 turns worth of 15 second target briefly commands, probably about 20-30 HE rounds used, would still leave plenty left for the assault. As I recall, a King Tiger carries something like 50+ rounds of ammo? Lever a round or two of HE into a building, and see what comes out. Next turn, send more HE into another building. Recon by Fire as it were, but if you've already used up twenty minutes, you might as well start rolling in. You're not going to spot
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