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  1. The developers of Graviteam Tactics interact with users on the forum continuosly and also improve their games and offer new content every year.
  2. I think CMx1 is a 3d wargame and CMx2 is a simulation. I still play CMx1 but I never really liked CMx2. As Erwin have said, play a CMx2 demo is a good idea.
  3. Thanks Falaise, please tell me where I can find it or my email is (without spaces) andresycharo @ yahoo.es
  4. Hi, I would like to supress ambient sounds (shots, explosions...) because they are a bit annoying to me. Is there any mod for this? Thanks in advance. Andrés.
  5. Thanks again. In that web there are also collections of CMAK scenarios by Phillippe, although uploaded by other guy. Andrés.
  6. I have found the "Sorted Scenarios" by Phillippe in The Scenario Depot II (http://www.the-scenario-depot.com). Andres.
  7. Hi, I can send you 24 B&T scenarios if you tell me your email address in a private message. Andrés.
  8. Great game and lots of fun. I enjoy this game as I did with CMBO. Congratulations to BTF. Andrés
  9. COMODO antivirus was the problem! I have unistalled COMODO antivirus (to disabled it is not enough), unlicense CMSF and licensed again and now CMSF works fine. Its not necessary for me to change DEP default settings. Thanks. Andrés.
  10. I use COMODO antivirus, but I had not problem with CMBN, and I disabled it while I was attempting to install CMSF 1.21
  11. Hi, I have the same problem with my game, purchased in Gamersgate. I have followed all steps related with DEP and programs like antivirus, etc. but I cant launch CMSF when I install 1.21 to convert the game. For the moment, I will keep version 1.20. I'm thinking about purchasing CMSF in BFT store, but such situations are a bit frustrating for legal owners of games. Andrés.
  12. NO I will delete it and will put my copy on eBay for selling as soon as posible...
  13. Agree with the gamespot review and score. CMx1 forever!
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