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  1. Admiral, Thanks for your great work, many of my scenarios have come from your site. You made a wargamers heart happy to have all those scenarios close at hand. Sorry about the mess that web host caused and I hope you can rise from the ashes!!! Thanks again, BigMik1
  2. Hello fellow CM Warriors, I am also a member of Group 7 and agree Dawg was damn good and he fought me hard as I did him. He needs to move on to the finals. Dawg, stop this craziness or I will make a short trip to New Orleans from Houston and get you right!!! Get ready to fight for the wine!!! BigMik1
  3. Kingfish, Did you get my email about my finished St. Edward's Sanitorium battle? Group 7 BigMik1
  4. I am recieving your emails, but sometimes my ISP will block some, but we will be okay. BigMik1
  5. For me it's Call of Duty: United Offensive and The Operational Art of War: Century of Warfare (TOAW:CoW for short). BigMik1
  6. I am having the same issues with my opponents. They think I sent them a hotseat file and I know I didn't. Houston, we have a bug!!! BigMik1
  7. I am a PBEM man. I have many games going on. I love siting down for a few and doing my turns and sending them off till next time I get a turn back. Love fighting the human opponent. BigMik1
  8. Imagination, just use your imagination!!! I do!! BigMik1
  9. My wife hates this game and my hobby of wargaming. I told her she is going to have to live with it because I love wargaming and CM!!! I have a son on the way and I am ready to put him in the hobby too!!! I know the wife will love that!!! Maybe she will like The Sims 2?? BigMik1
  10. Here is the website address: http://www.761st.com/ BigMik1 </font>
  11. Here is a little bit from the website of the 761st. BigMik1
  12. I have another reply from the 761st "official" website. I was asking since the number is so high, how can they account for that. So below is the reply: Here is the website address: http://www.761st.com/ BigMik1
  13. Okay, I received a reply from the "official" website for the 761st and I asked what was the official casualty count for the unit, plus what concentration camps they liberated. The reply is below: I replied back to who is the "reported"? But, it seems they combined the casualties caused by the unit with the operations they were in and the infantry units they were with. Interesting. I will try to see if they have the info of just the 761st by itself. Because they were in the Battle of the Bulge, for example, so I guess they threw that number in there. Need to find a clear number if I can. BigMik1
  14. Well, till we have more facts, we can go on forever, so I will just wait and see. Glad to see a discussion on these brave souls. And Hun Hunter, I hope I see you jump on other numbers and not just the numbers of "colored" units. Let's be fair to all and the truth come correct for all units. BigMik1
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