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  1. Thanks very much. Not sure exactly how to open a ticket, so I sent a message to the 'Administrator' listed on the Staff Directory.
  2. Thank you Jyri, for the reply. I just want to double check: These games are in my menu under 'Battlefront": they do have 'uninstall and unlicense' options available as submenu options: so even though the 'Strategic Command 2: Blitzkrieg' and 'Strategic Command: Global Conflict' both have submenu options under 'Licensing' to 'unlicense', there is no need to do that, correct?
  3. I'm sure this has probably been asked before (multiple times actually), but I can't seem to find the answer... I have purchased a new computer and want to make sure I do this correctly, so I don't lose my license activation for 3 of my games... A couple of my Strategic Command games have the Uninstall option and an Unlicense option. Do I have to do both? Would I Unlicense first, then uninstall? Or is it not necesssary to Unlicense?
  4. Hi, I just started a Multiplayer email game. When I save my game and go to the Battlefront email file, I finally figured out that I have to click on the Compatibility files option at the top of the page to get my save files to show up. Is this because when I bought the game, I used the downloaded version to install instead of the disc version? Why wouldn't the game install in my own User area?
  5. Steven Smith review of SC: WWII Global Conflict at Armchair General: 'In summary, this is the best grand strategy game I have ever played. The game’s engine could be used for other grand strategy games such as the Seven Years War or Napoleonic Wars.' 'Gamers who enjoy planning ahead but don’t want a lot of complicated steps for each turn will enjoy this game. This is the game for players who like grand strategy, even those who don’t normally play WWII games.' Armchair General score: 95%
  6. Hi, over the last several weeks, I have tried to download the demo through the previously given link. Gozilla will connect, log in, and negotiate at the site, but will not start the download. Any more help is appreciated.
  7. I am unable to download the demo for Strategic Command. Clicking on the download demo button does not produce any reaction. Any ideas appreciated. :confused:
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