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  1. I would have though DL-Only customers would be a +

    No printing cost

    No packaging cost

    No staff member cost to package and send

    There is your $ savings already more profit to Battlefront.

    With the posted out version you are paying all this and then still giving the customer an extra $10 dollars to boot.

    A little extra plus is you will also have an idea how many DL-Only customers you will have before release date.

  2. Is there a possibility to use artillery with this? So that artillery can cover a withdrawal for instance.

    I would like to know this too or if we now have an ability in scenario AI plan creation to delay pre-arranged artillery. ie fire on cross road X at scenario start +30 minutes

  3. I like and use these, not 100% sure of the color selection german works well. I just find it hard to get used to blue for spotted allies. I would swap them over eg: green spotted and a lighter blue for Spotting reports(?) that way the spotting reports have the same feel to them. A good strong color for spotted units and a lighter color that blends in for (?) units

    Just my feeling, Great work

  4. At this point i want to explain the best way to track exited units, for example, on the turn before the squad / section / vehicle exit the map, make a note of their headcount and morale

    Why not put one or two high walls across the back of the map with space behind it where units can retreat. That way you do not need to worry about keeping track of units retreating off the board, not being on the board at the end of the game.

    The other thing I liked from Broadswords ARR was that each side was assigned a casualty threshold in the CM game. If a side reached its casualty level before the time limit that was the end of the game. Gives the game an extra level of realism.

    At the moment there does not seem to be a way that the attacking force can be repulsed. i.e the defenders put up such a fight that the attacker had to retreat back out of the Victory location to their Starting position (1 Hex away).

    Great work so far noob

  5. - Hotkey Unit Groups. Select units and assign them to number keys for quick navigation during gameplay. To change the camera's location press Alt and the number of the group you want to navigate to. The camera relocates and the highest level unit of that group is automatically selected. In Iron Mode, only HQs can be assigned to hotkey unit groups.

    This new feature could be used to get what you want (Iron Mode) assign HQ units to a number and tell each player which HQ number he has control of.


    No password per group (players can access other formations - players you trust will fix this)

    How you deal with assigned company assets.

    Could be fun to play at level 1 controlling 1 platoon while others control the other platoons in a company. Passing orders between players by email each turn with a 200 character limit for each 1 minute turn.

  6. HTMLMappingTool and CM

    Nothing really changes for the tool it can still be used with CMBN without changes. For new CM titles it would need a updated version that has all the new types added to it. As some ground types would be added (ie Grapevines may now replace bocage) but until I see it I cant really comment more.

    Just my two cents worth

    The better option at this time would be for Battlefront to add an export as XML button this way mappers can build fully detailed 1x1km maps in the editor and then export them to an external DB.

    Then an external person can build an xml parzer that can stitch togeather multiple maps to build larger areas or to remove the terrain types/buildings/flavour objects so the map can then be imported from CMBN to CM??

  7. These changes will be great

    1 image from google for the ground detail

    Draw in ground detail

    1 image from google for the elevations (put EV layers into google)

    Draw in Elevations

    Campaign wise I will have to see how large an image we can put into the background 4x4km may be a little large.

  8. HTMLMappingTool can handle some changes in format in future releases of CMBN.

    Seeing as the HTML mapping process is seperate from the Click Mapping Phase. A change in placement or new ground types will not make a diffrence to the HTMLMappingTool. A few tweaks and it should work again.

    The HTMLMappingTool creates CSV files for each map. If one ground type is replaced with a new one. You can open the CSV in excel/open office and do a find and replace to quickly fix the references to the old one.

    Same with the ClickMapMaker as it uses a CSV table to hold the references to where buttons are found. Moving a button just needs to have its reference updated and all is good again.

    The only problem I can see is if the ground scale changes agian, but I dont see that happening in a hurry. (action squares and spotting routines will need bigger computers)

    What I would like to see is a way to insert/export a Map into the editor without having to do the screen clicking process. XML would be great and while your at it can we have the same for force selection.

  9. Oops - no game file folder for this game!

    Traceback (most recent call last):

    File "view.py", line 728, in OnProperties

    KeyError: 'timezone'

    I'm a aussie (GMT + 10) at the moment

    keeps giving this error and won't let me change the destination folder for dropbox.


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