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  1. Maybe the next module will be based on a hypothetical situation where Egypt defeats Italy in the World Cup, and Italy retailiates by invading. The Brits (beaten by Italy in the semis) come to the aid of the Egyptians. The new "Americanized" French join the Italians and we have a new game that's at least as plausible as CM:SF--World Cup War I.
  2. Bradley Dick: "while I'm clicking around figuring out what to do." Nail on head. This game is more like Close Combat III in 3d than CMBB or CMAK. And while I loved the CC3 series, even it, at times, became a clickfest. If there were ever a WWII module, it'd have to be scaled back like CM:SF, thus preventing us WeGo types from playing large battles.
  3. Yes, Steve, I agree. It would be silly to include the IDF in a war against Syria. Your little game's premise that the U.S. would invade Syria with less than an Armored Division or two is much more realistic and plausible.
  4. Thank goodness the Syrians wouldn't be that smart.
  5. Yeah, the Syrians have extensive experience at having their asses handed to them by the Israelis. Me thinks the Americans would treat them the same way.
  6. And to the dude so full of confidence in the Finnish Army: sure, the Finns could give the Americans a decent go of it IN FINLAND for a while, but how about you Finnish boys come take us on in Texas. How long you think the Finnish Army would last anywhere but Finland?
  7. This is some funny stuff. I suspect a war between Syria and the U.S. would be much more like Desert Storm than Iraqi Freedon, which would mean WEEKS of Air Strikes and Cruise Missle strikes before anything else. To expect the Syrian Army to have any command and control after that is quite silly.
  8. This coming from the man who used to boldly brag about the number of threads had had locked here. Having said that, I abxiously await the release of Grognards. I've always supported BFC by purchasing their products and will continue, but only the ones I want. KG_Soldier -- the insolent one. "For he who freely magnifies what hath been nobly done, and fears not to declare as freely what might be done better, gives ye best covenant of his fidelity." John Milton
  9. Wow! what a great game Microprose M1 Tank Platoon was!
  10. I could've probably handled a '48 Israel or maybe even Korea, but some made up war? Thank God for the great products: CMBB and CMAK!
  11. Ha ha ha, And you guy's expect us to buy this? ROFLMAO! KG_Soldier
  12. A full movie playback option would be great, Especially if there was a way to save a tcip/ip game's full length movie and share it with others.
  13. Not very, I rarely come here, and I bought all three CM games through the internet from England. However, assumption is more often a bad thing than not, and of that, I'm guilty. I was really just trying to make a joke. Obviously, it was a silly one!
  14. I'm of the opinion that if no one else had anything to say on the matter, people would stop posting. Seems as if this is more a matter of what wants to be heard rather than what wants to be said. Sure is easy to see this forum is in the U.K. and not the U.S. KG_Soldier
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