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  1. Very true, but its also about politics and people will draw connections to the hot topic of the times. It's six degrees of Kevin Bacon, but far more angry.
  2. Sorry mate but your head is completely in the sand. I suggest you take it out one day and take a look around, because Iraq is well on the road to recovery. Despite the "pre-text" for the 2003 Invasion of Iraq, what really is ironic is how so many people supported 1991 because the U.N. said it was OK, despite the fact the coalition came in, bombed the living **** out of the country, slapped on sanctions, then left. Oh, not before promosing to support a coup which they didn't resulting in further bloodshed. However 2003 oh no, it's so WRONG, despite the fact this time instead of blowing the
  3. I'm kind of on the fence about purchasing this game, but after looking through the Wiki the OGRE mode that was talked about in the Overview doesn't seem to be implemented yet. How far off is this mode in the development? On a side note I think Steve Jackson could pretty much start printing money if he released a pretty straight port of OGRE and Illuminati with net play to windows.
  4. 1. Yes there are quick battles. 2. The *only* kinds of mods for the CM engine are texture changes (you can't download new kinds of tanks). So to answer your question, yes when you overwrite the texture with the new texture the old texture it overwritten. (Though programs like CMMOS will backup your original textures for you)
  5. I tried to play the replay and it only played one sides replay? Did I do something wrong?
  6. First let me say I am NOT downing CM:BB. The problem with my enjoyment is most likely all my fault. Please don't come bite my head off. =) So last week I baught CM:BB special edition. Mostly on the premise that it was published by the same people who put out tacops4 and I was looking for something new. I got home read through the manual sucking up all the important bits. >slurp< Then I fired up the tutorial. It was kind of boring just sitting there watching this one super tank clobber all the other tanks[though the panzers did "blowed up real good" ]...so I went to the advanced tu
  7. What did we learn today? That hosting a large CPX on a 56k modem is a bad bad bad idea.
  8. Cover the top of the choke point in trees. It will make them.....undesirable to travel through. [ February 26, 2003, 12:00 AM: Message edited by: phil- ]
  9. We have the best wargame ever made, and we never talk about it.
  10. I know you're joking, but you should add a smiley or something so people dont really even for a second think you are serious about that.
  11. On page 132 written by everyones favorite "Desktop General" William R Trotter.
  12. By gamevoice do you mean the voice communication software or do you mean voice recognition/control software? There are plenty of free non-microsoft solutions for voice com..... I was about to make a thread about how CPXs could be run so much better if teams communicated through voice but still relayed final commands in the irc chan. Would also be great for TCP/IP team games. [ November 24, 2002, 03:45 PM: Message edited by: phil- ]
  13. Yeah you're most likely right, being the creator and all, I was just thinking of some Iraq like missions in my head. I guess they will have to stay in my head. (I was joking about nuclear btw) [ November 22, 2002, 05:04 PM: Message edited by: phil- ]
  14. What are the chances of more types of munitions being added with later patches? The specific one's I'm look for are biological/chemical (couldn't you use the smoke cloud but change it's properties).....oh and nuclear...because when things go boom, I really want them to go boom. :cool: [ November 22, 2002, 09:54 AM: Message edited by: phil- ]
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